A tier 1, telco grade entitlement server eSIM solution accessible to all networks.

uPair is a service delivery framework that includes an entitlement server eSIM solution. Our software as a service model enables fast end-user activation of secondary eSIM services without the need for on-premises deployment.

uPair allows users to connect multiple SIM and eSIM enabled devices to one number and service. Leveraging TMF interfaces along with a range of additional functions provides support for the comprehensive lifecycle management of connected wearable devices and mobile devices.

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    entitlement server eSIM solution

    Pair your telco network with eSIM technology to offer value-added services to your customers

    OSS/BSS integration

    Simpler integration & licensing with existing operational & business support systems.

    Cloud hosted SaaS

    Fully cloud hosted entitlement server eSIM solution for quick setup.

    TMF structure

    Includes standard TMF interface support, provisioning & lifecycle management functions.

    Telco grade assurance

    Service assurance to guarantee optimal subscriber experiences.

    Provisioning support

    Cater for multi-step provisioning processes & set up of complex network services.


    Simultaneously provide entitlement server solutions to multiple MVNO tenants.

    A low entry cost entitlement service suitable for all operators

    entitlement service

    Enable devices to download an eSIM profile

    Pair multiple devices to one number. Multiple eSIM capable devices are presented as a single service to simplify the user experience, billing and CRM systems.

    Lift capacity management

    Utilise occupancy sensor technology to maximise lobby and lift capacity during peak traffic periods. Digital displays enforce a pre-set maximum lift capacity while real-time mobile alerts inform staff of estimated wait times and breaches of social distancing protocol.

    entitlement service

    Offer device pairing capability

    Enable customers to purchase device pairing as a value-added service via mobile app.

    entitlement service

    Inform your network that eSIM’s are enabled against accounts

    Orchestrate eSIM and MSISDN assignment to customers secondary devices and bind secondary eSIM devices to the customers primary handset.

    Inform your network that eSIM’s are enabled against accounts

    Orchestrate eSIM and MSISDN assignment to customers and bind the eSIM profiles to single device EID’s. Identify EID and ICCID assigned to users.

    entitlement service

    Prompt secure customer login

    Option to confirm account ownership using existing username and password authentication.

    entitlement service

    Deploy & integrate into a range of different business systems

    Entitlement service use cases.

    • Apple watch with one number
    • Samsung gear watch with one number
    • Other wearable tech devices
    • Apple entitlements
    • SMART home & car connectivity
    • M2M & IoT


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