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UX/UI Design & UX/UI Development

Enhance your customer experience with Unico’s UX/UI design and UX/UI development solutions.

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UX/UI development & design driven technology solutions

Our team understand the importance of creating elegant interfaces for complex technology solutions. We have the ability to make complex journeys simple through the use of clever user experience roadmaps which enable our customers to drive the right outcomes.

Making the complex simple

At Unico we take the time to understand your vision and desired outcomes. Our UX/UI design team will storyboard the user experience journey and conduct stakeholder interviews to ensure that the messaging and call to action are clear and deliver against your strategic objectives.

Ecosystem mapping

We can create a master ecosystem map to illustrate the connections between your platforms. This is beneficial as you can clearly see the relationship between web, mobile and marketing automation.

Rapid ideation

Our UI/UX development team will work with you in design sprints to test and evolve protypes quickly, ensuring that the design and scope is sound before investing time and money building. As we work in a SAFe Agile framework, we have the ability to pivot fast and move in a completely new direction if required.

We can help you

  • Enhance your customer experience
  • Create elegant user interfaces
  • Embed strong UX/UI design into technology solutions
  • Simplify complex messaging
  • Drive strategic business outcomes

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