Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation

Optimise, automate customer journeys through data driven marketing automation solutions.

End-to-end marketing automation solutions

Marketing automation enables you to understand customer traits and behaviours so that interactions can be automated and personalised at scale.

Unico provide you with a unified foundation of marketing data that delivers real-time insights across different campaign and channel types. We help you spend less time collecting data and more time analysing it so that you can continually optimise your  marketing mix.

Our team specialises in developing highly integrated, technology agnostic automation solutions customised to your business’s unique needs.

Our proven process

Your data driven outcomes


1. Business consulting & strategy

Our consultants analyse your organisation to develop a deep understanding of your business needs. By reviewing your systems, processes and marketing functions we can identify where automation can add value. Consulting engagements ensure your solution aligns with your corporate goals, KPI’s and marketing strategy.

2. Data cleansing, management & integration

Gather, refine and reorganise your customer and prospect data. We take your organisation’s data and make it accurate, integrated and connected to your marketing automation platform. Unico generate a single view of customer that enables you to better utilise data for campaigns, customer journeys and re-marketing.

3. Marketing automation & user journey planning

We build a bespoke automation solution that streamlines manual marketing processes and enables personalised, cross-channel experiences at every step of the customer life-cycle. Adopting marketing automation enables you to connect any interaction across email, mobile, advertising, social media and web.

Automation Features & Modules

  • Email Marketing (EDM)
  • Landing Pages
  • Forms
  • Mobile
  • Contact Management
  • Data Analytics & Reporting
  • Lead Nurture & Generation
  • Lead Scoring
  • PPC & SEO
  • Social Media
  • Journey Building
  • Data Integration

4. Systems & data integration

Your organisation has a variety of existing systems that need to be seamlessly connected to your chosen marketing automation platform. We draw data from these systems and combine their functionality with marketing automation. By integrating multi-channel data from a range of databases so you can quickly and accurately segment customers for your campaigns. Systems include:

  • CRM systems (Salesforce etc.)
  • Billing & Transactional Systems
  • Provisioning Systems
  • Membership Systems

5. Data consolidation, analytics & insight reporting

We consolidate all your customer data into one place and convert it into custom reports for your team. By consolidating your data into our visualised reports, your staff automate time-consuming, repetitive marketing tasks like manual data preparation for your marketing campaigns. We provide your team with visualised customer data to connect to analytics so you can make informed strategic decisions.

6. Training, onboarding & support

We provide you with a tailored training program that lets your automation platform reach its full potential. Regardless of your team’s skill level or knowledge base, our team will work with you every step of the way to ensure you understand your chosen automation platform. Unico also offer 24/7 customer support and maintenance for all clients.

We can help you

  • Engage with customers in real-time
  • Adopt and effectively use marketing automation technologies
  • Create a shared, single view of customers across business units
  • Unify customer data sources
  • Create a cohesive customer journey across your marketing channels
  • Cleanse data with our data deduplication for Salesforce Marketing Cloud tool.

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