IoT (Internet of Things) solutions for enterprise.

IoT internet of things

Enhance your business through IoT

‘Internet of Things’ is a collection of connected devices, embedded electronics, software, sensors and wireless connectivity protocols which collect and exchange information via applications connected to the internet.

The power of IoT lies in its ability to allow objects to collectively communicate with each other and existing internet infrastructure.

Data captured from devices and sensors can then be analysed, providing insights into problems occurring across an organisations entire value chain.

IoT consulting and advisory

The recent proliferation of IoT devices has made it difficult for businesses to identify the right technical solution for their emerging product or business needs.

The challenges businesses face is how to determine if Internet of Things can increase revenue, reduce costs and drive efficiency. We bring internet of things and systems integration skills together with IoT consulting to provide IoT strategy customised solutions for your unique business.


Resource and utilities optimisation

Unico integrates IoT into your existing business systems, frameworks and processes so you can generate actionable insights that allow you to make informed decisions that optimise resource management and extend the lifetime of your assets. We help you collect, analyse and store the data you need so that you can optimise your organisational infrastructure to reduce costs and boost efficiencies.

Enable modern workforces through smart workspaces

Unico create integrated, modern smart workspaces that bridge the physical and digital world with real-time data. We design spaces that maximise resource efficiency and boost team productivity beyond standard hot desking practices.


IoT integration across your entire organisation

We offer IoT strategy, integration and implementation across your entire organisational network – private, public or hybrid.

Our Internet of Things capabilities include 

  • Asset management and tracking
  • Mine closure
  • Machine utilisation
  • Safety
  • OT security and devices
  • Data management

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