DevOps & Automated Testing

DevOps & Automated Testing

Drive business value through DevOps agility, automated testing and CICD implementation.

devops automated testing

A technology agnostic approach to DevOps

Devops is a strategic methodology that helps software development and IT teams collaborate more effectively together so that your software systems are developed, tested and deployed faster and more reliably.

Unico offers a full suite of development operations and engineering support to help your development and operations teams ensure its software’s and technologies are performing optimally. We help you automate the development, testing, deployment and release of software and infrastructure changes.

Automate & Learn

  • Eliminate manual work, create repeatable processes & reliable systems
  • Automate continuous software integration, testing, environments & deployments
  • Facilitate faster learning & response to market demand & customer feedback
  • Adopt learn flow optimisation for development & deployment processes
  • Visualise and limit work in progress
  • Reduce batch sizes of work items
  • Reduce costs and overheads

Automated testing

Automating manual tests can provide immense benefits to any software project. Test automation enables you to deliver higher quality software faster and more frequently with reduced costs.

Unico has extensive experience in test automation across a wide variety of projects. Our highly qualified test analysts are knowledgeable in several automation tools and frameworks. We can help with your test automation requirements from advisory to an outsourced partnership so you can focus on what really matters to your business.

DevOps consulting

We can provide a recommendation for the implementation of DevOps within your organisation including CICD tooling, build and deployment approaches, cloud environments, security practices, resiliency, and automation.


CICD Implementation

Our expert DevOps Engineers can work collaboratively with your team to implement CICD best practice.  Unico is experienced with a number of CICD tools and frameworks including Jenkin, Bamboo, Ansible, and more. We are also market leaders in different cloud and containerisation platforms including AWS, Azure, Docker and Kubernetes.

We can help you

  • Development, Security and Operations (DevSecOps)
  • Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery (CICD)
  • Test Automation strategy and Implementation
  • Development operations (DevOps) strategy and implementation

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