Data Engineering

Data Engineering

Accelerate business intelligence and improve efficiencies with Unico’s data engineering solutions.

data engineering automation

Data driven business decisions and automation

Businesses today rely on data and insights to improve customer experience, advance business agility, enhance operational efficiencies and to make informed decisions.

Our team at Unico excel at data engineering, platform engineering, data integration, data strategy, data automation and data architecture. We are here to help you identify and extract the right data to make insightful business decisions and automate to improve operational efficiencies.

Engineering and designing the right infrastructure are paramount, as it creates an environment of continuous innovation with the ability to scale.

Platform engineering

Unico have an extensive platform engineering capability that enables you to fully utilise data to effectively drive innovation. We manage every step of your project from start to finish. Our capabilities include:

  • Unify customer data to improve efficiencies, governance and performance
  • Integrate operational and analytical systems and connect to the cloud
  • Design and develop data lakes and warehouses via business-led data modelling and architecture design
  • Establish platforms for DataOps and MLOps to streamline and scale data or ML engineering.

Insights and analytics

Unico helps your business address complex business questions by using data science to generate new business insights. We nurture a data-driven culture within your enterprise by mapping strategies and approaches that systematically improve knowledge management across your organisation’s entire ecosystem.

Security and advisory

We offer you an end-to-end audit and advisory service to assure the quality of your data and infrastructure. We assess risks and audit your privacy and security frameworks to ensure your data remains compliant. Our unique approach to data governance enables us to strategise, evaluate and benchmark your business initiatives.



Leverage the power of AI and cloud to automate human tasks and repetitive processes. We help your enterprise set up the infrastructure required for effective automation and process excellence.

We can help you

  • AI strategy
  • ML pipelines
  • Automation an Robotic Process Automation
  • AI governance
  • Data and AI Practice

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