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Building a Multi-Club database and shared scheduling platform: Racing Victoria

multi-club database for Racing Victoria though Salesforce Marketing Cloud business units

Building a Multi-Club database and shared scheduling platform: Racing Victoria

How Unico engineered a custom marketing cloud business unit database and shared scheduling platform that enabled Racing Victoria to conduct collaborative events and marketing campaigns.


  • Data engineering and platform development 
  • Salesforce Marketing Cloud (SFMC) integration and consulting
  • Data cleaning, reorganisation and subscriber management
  • LIVE shared calendar scheduling

The Victorian racing industry is made up of sixty nine metropolitan and country tracks and five clubs, hosting over 500 race meetings a year. They are regulated by Racing Victoria. 

Each operates independently, hosts race meetings, manage members and run independent marketing and advertising campaigns with siloed customer data sets.

Consequently, clubs would promote events and race meetings to owners and customers over the same period resulting in scheduling clashes. 

Race meeting overlap leads to three distinct challenges for clubs:

1. Attendees are split between race meetings resulting in lost revenue. 

2. Wasted media spend due to prospects receiving marketing communications for multiple racing meetings scheduled on the same weekend. 

3. The best horses are split across race meetings resulting in lower quality horse talent. 

Racing Victoria recognised that a lack of visibility across race schedules and customer databases was a significant barrier to effective collaboration between clubs. They needed a way to unify their customer data and event scheduling without violating data privacy. 

Racing Victoria’s annual All-Star Mile, an interclub fan voted race meeting, presented the perfect opportunity for Racing Victoria and Unico to develop a multi-club database and live shared scheduling module. 

shared calendar scheduling
Club members were being invited to race events scheduled over the same time period.

The solution is powered by Salesforce Marketing Cloud business units and comprises of: 

  • Shared customer database comprising of five linked salesforce marketing cloud business units, one for each club and regulator.  
  • Local and shared data extensions allowing for layered access to shared customer data sets for marketing campaigns – information includes name, email, postcode, and category (owner, trainer, member etc.). 
  • Hierarchical data structure with a single master control over local data sharing permissions. 
  • Subscription management – enabling club members to opt-in and out of specific marketing email communications depending on preferences. 
  • A custom preference centre allowing users to choose which clubs they want to receive email communications from, as well as opt-in to specific campaigns of interest such as dining events or race meetings.  
  • A custom unsubscribe function that ensures unsubscribed contacts are removed from all lists. 
  • A live multi-club shared calendar accessible to all salesforce marketing cloud business units. 
  • Construction and automation of customer journeys for the annual race meeting calendar for Victoria. 

Racing Victoria’s new multi-club database improved club coordination by enabling collaborative events and marketing campaigns. 

The platform has helped Victorian horse racing clubs and tracks work better together, advancing the interest of Australian racing and creating a partnership mindset across the state.  

This solution has a highly accurate database, adheres to high standards of customer privacy and security, and boosted Racing Victoria’s revenue potential through parallel marketing streams. 

Unico have extensive experience using technology to enhance animal welfare outcomes as well as support traceability, regulation and member engagement.

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Evan Harridge

Director of Innovation

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Modernising a regulatory audit and booking system using process digitisation: Intralot

Modernising a regulatory audit and booking system using process digitisation: Intralot

Utilising process digitisation and platform development to transform legacy regulatory systems.


  • Process digitisation 
  • Web portal for audit tracking
  • UI & UX design
  • The utilisation of Oracle database, Amazon Web Services servers and JavaScript

Intralot is a global lottery and sports betting operator that monitors pokie machines in Victoria on behalf of the state government

Monitoring of these machines is crucial to protect gambling integrity and ensure compliance with state regulatory requirements at venues. Audits of machines are conducted regularly to check for compliance breaches and record installation.

Historically, Intralot relied on a manual Microsoft excel based system to record booked audits, machine installations and data entry.  This resulted in:

1. Inefficient and time-consuming manual data entry

2. Vulnerabilities to compliance breaches due to human error

3. Large amounts of unstructured data due to manual processes

4. Difficulty coordinating large teams across different vendors and casinos

Intralot engaged Unico to support the digitalisation of manual processes and develop a new online booking portal to accurately and effectively record audits and installation of machines.

Our solution delivered:

  • Process digitisation, eliminating manual data translation from vendor information into the legacy case management control system (CMCS)
  • Web based portal to track data entry and audits of machines
  • Real time viewing of upcoming deployment activities and reports on historical data
  • Automated management of business rules about deployments
  • Overall improvements in lead times for deployment activities
  • The utilisation of Oracle database, Amazon Web Services servers and JAVA script
  • Solution architecture that enabled historical record keeping of machine installations, maintenance and monitoring incidences

“Our project had very specific quality requirements, strict regulator frameworks and tight deadlines. The technical delivery team execution was excellent, and they very clearly understood the end goal.”

Basu Gowda, Program Manager, Intralot

Digitising these processes has made it easier for Intralot to ensure machine compliance, accurate record keeping and traceability for more effective planning of future audits.

Unico continues to provide support and regular governance to Intralot, ensuring new machine vendors are onboarded seamlessly.

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Ramnik Singh

Business Development Manager

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Digital transformation, automated data integration & an Australian 1st for race-horse integrity: Racing Victoria

Digital transformation, automated data integration & an Australian 1st for race-horse integrity: Racing Victoria

How Unico built a digital integrity platform that transformed Racing Victoria’s traditional vet-sampling process through automated data integration and process digitisation.

*All video credit to Racing Victoria


  • A mobile app for Apple and Android with custom UX design & React UI
  • Mobile enabled ID scanning & digital signature authentication
  • Automation & digitisation of manual, paper-based process
  • Automated data integration including connection of vet sampling to a national database
  • Javascript on Amazon Web Services for serverless computing
  • PostgresSQL database

Racing Victoria is one of Australia’s largest government-based regulators who’s responsibilities  include race meet compliance.

They have historically relied on paper-heavy, manual processing of veterinary samples to safeguard the integrity of race meets and protect horse welfare.

This process was labour intensive, time consuming for staff, and created vulnerabilities to compliance breaches. With a range of stakeholders performing detailed tasks, there were significant opportunities for human error. Minimal authentication checkpoints and multiple single points of failure also raised the risk of the sampling system being compromised.

The veterinary sampling process is crucial to protect Australian race meet integrity.

Ultimately, the process was costing Racing Victoria time and money, and creating unnecessary compliance risks.   

Racing Victoria partnered with Unico to solve the problem, by building a digital sampling platform to track and record urine samples collected on race days. Our goal was to create a secure,  accurate & efficient process that could be quickly and easily completed via mobile app.

Unico helped deliver an Australian racing industry first that helped solve their problem and transform their traditional processes through:

  • Automation of manual paperwork by replacing sample identity documents and the chain of custody so all information is recorded electronically without timely data entry.
  • Automated data integration by collecting information and automatically feeding it into Racing Victoria’s national database
  • Full traceability and historical record keeping of past sample tests to guarantee sampling authenticity and legitimacy
  • Mandatory, mobile enabled ID scanning and digital signature authentication to improve security, verify stakeholders and reduce the margin for human error
  • A mobile app for Apple and Android with custom UX design for better accessibility and ease of use
  • Digitisation of workflows, evidentiary trials, and auditing functions to improve user experience

The digital transformation, data integration, and app rollout fundamentally changed how Racing Victoria conducts an essential compliance process at race meets.

Racing Victoria’s new paperless journey:

1. The horse arrives at the vet and is identified by Racing Victoria staff responsible for sample collection

2. Trainer nominates authorised representative for sample collection (usually the strapper)

3. Sealed sample kit is opened under trainer representative supervision

4. A sample is collected, packaged, and sealed into bottles

5. Each sample is given a unique code that is recorded via the phone app

6. The witness is asked to confirm that the app data matches the physical sample present

7. Witness identifies themselves with industry pass and completes a digitally signed declaration. This also applies to the Racing Victoria staff member responsible for sample processing

8. The trainer receives a copy of the sample identity document via email

9. The sample is securely stored and delivered to an accredited lab for analysis

Unico have extensive experience using technology to enhance animal welfare outcomes as well as support traceability, regulation and member engagement.

If you are interested in our vet sampling platform or digital transformation capabilities get in touch below.


Evan Harridge

Director of Innovation

Case studies

Developing a traceability platform that revolutionised equine welfare outcomes for Victorian thoroughbred horses: Racing Victoria

Developing a traceability platform that revolutionised equine welfare outcomes for Victorian thoroughbred horses: Racing Victoria

How Unico partnered with Racing Victoria to design and construct Australia’s first off the track equine welfare platform to track horses from birth to beyond retirement.

*All video credit to OTT Racing Victoria


  • Centralised data warehouse and horse registry to enable whole of life horse monitoring
  • Custom CRM for owner or horse registration
  • Process flow automation
  • Custom community portal to host OTT program
  • Database holds records of over 351,000 horses


A thoroughbred horse can live up to 30 years which includes roughly 5 years of racing from the age of 2 years. During their racing career animal welfare is a priority for racing regulators, however, off the track (which can sometimes be 20 years plus) is outside of the jurisdiction, resulting in increased horse welfare incidents.

Racing Victoria recognised that modern technology presented an opportunity to shift the emphasis on welfare to encompass the whole lifespan of its horses. Unico was engaged to help ascertain how technology could help with whole life monitoring for horses and integrate this capability into a single platform that could adapt to the expectations of the industry and public.

Retired race horses are often rehomed in a variety of different sports including dressage.

Racing Victoria is now the industry leader of off-the-track monitoring through the digitisation of historical and current horse records.

Our solution was separated into five key areas with the overarching objective of increasing the visibility of whole of life welfare and supporting horse traceability post racing career:

1. A centralised data warehouse that records the history of a horse allowing for whole of life monitoring. Information recorded includes registration, birth, health data, location, and program eligibility & training eligibility.

2. Automated data integration – platform allows data to be sourced from multiple systems (internal & external) and then feed directly into Racing Australia’s national horse database (SNS).

3. Custom stakeholder CRM, registry, and historical record keeping. Enables owners, potential buyers and re-trainers to voluntarily add themselves to the registry or claim horses as their own.

4. Process flow automation – Automation of over nine processes including applications and registrations through the integration of e-forms.

5. Community portal – web accessible community portal providing educational information, industry awareness, and a hub for community engagement.

RV’s OTT project was a resounding success with the platform boasting over 1140 registered users, 209 previous owners and 341 claimed horse in the first month alone.

As of 2021 the OTT program has 351,000 horses registered in its database enabling unprecedented visibility of retired horses’ welfare.

Unico have extensive experience using technology to enhance animal welfare outcomes as well as support traceability, regulation and member engagement.

If you would like to learn how digital platforms can help your organisation, get in touch below.


Evan Harridge

Director of Innovation

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Maximising ROI on marketing automation campaigns through data cleansing: Racing Victoria

Maximising ROI on automated marketing campaigns through data cleansing: Racing Victoria

How we helped Racing Victoria regain trust in their customer data by building a custom data cleansing extension to extract and cleanse duplicated Salesforce Marketing Cloud contacts.


  • Salesforce Marketing Cloud (SFMC) campaigns and data cleansing services
  • Identification and removal of duplicate SFMC contacts 
  • Ensure all MRC’s contacts and leads are listed with 100% accuracy 
  • Reduction of salesforce contract renewal fees    


  • Removed 400,000 corrupted / duplicate contacts from database of over 1,000,000 
  • Saved RV $100,000 in costs over a 2-year contract renewal period  

A major part to conducting an effective automated messaging campaign is whether you can trust your data. Campaign results can vary drastically return in investment (ROI) based on how accurate the Salesforce database of contacts is. Racing Victoria (RV) had a database of over 1,000,000 contacts which contained a significant number of duplicates and corrupted data. In a 2-week engagement Unico cleansed their database of any duplicate contacts or outdated contacts that were no longer being targeted by email or SMS content. 

The data was extracted to a data extension where comparative testing was conducted to verify that contacts were classified as duplicates before deletion. Ensuring that a contact database is rid of all non-validated contacts means messaging automation platforms like SFMC charge users based on the true size of their contact list. 

“Contact database authentication was a major focus for Racing Victoria as our number of contacts continued to grow. Unico was able to enable us to have complete trust in our data within just two weeks and provided immediate ROI through this engagement”

– Marcia Allan, GM Customer Strategy & Engagement, Racing Victoria.

Following the data cleansing of Racing Victoria’s contact database, over 400,000 entries were removed resulting in over $100,000 of saved contract renewal costs. This was four times the cost of the Unico engagement, resulting in significant ROI for RV and clear value add.


Evan Harridge

Director of Innovation

Case studies Partners

Building a bulletproof online voting platform & website: Racing Victoria

online voting platform all-star mile

Building a bulletproof online voting platform & website: Racing Victoria

How Unico helped increase the longevity of the racing industry using Salesforce Marketing Cloud (SFMC) and platform engineering to produce an online voting platform and website.


  • Attract a new audience to the racing industry
  • Development of secure, high availability, high traffic capacity online voting platform and website high
  • Automation of a multi-channel digital experience across website, email and text
  • Website development
  • SFMC Customer journey mapping and mobile validation


  • 135,097 votes Australia and New Zealand wide
  • 96.5% validation rate of voters, halving last year’s rate
  • Over 30% female voters

Horse racing in Australia has traditionally attracted an audience comprised of males aged between 45-65. Racing Victoria (RV) sought to expand into other customer groups through the introduction of the inaugural All-Star Mile in 2019.

To broaden the demographics racing appealed to and attract new prospects, RV introduced a peoples race in which fans can choose their own participants. The All Star Mile required a robust online voting platform and website for fans to submit their votes and engage with the campaign digitally.

Our team partnered with RV for the second year to create the platform that would allow Australia’s only fan voted race to function.

Using Amazon Web Services, our team built a highly secure online voting platform from the ground up that is auto scaling and healing with cloud first design and the ability to handle high levels of user traffic. For the second year running, a Big 4 Advisory cyber and hacking team tasked with auditing the platform was again unable to penetrate the system.

“The All Star Mile was designed to attract a new and more diverse audience, which was achieved for the second year in a row with over 30% female voters. This could not have been delivered without the teamwork and collaboration between Racing Victoria and Unico – our team more than halved the number of unverified votes from last year, worked on tight deadlines and had to adapt to meet regulatory constraints”

– Marcia Allan, GM Customer Strategy & Engagement, Racing Victoria.

Racing Victoria’s goal of building fan engagement for the All-Star Mile was conducted through Salesforce Marketing Cloud (SFMC). Unico had previously helped RV improve their SFMC capabilities by teaching them how to build customer journeys for their subscribers. These journeys helped elevate the engagement levels with Racing Victoria which enabled them to send consistent multi-channel messaging to new audience’s generated by the All-Star Mile.

A final voting tally of 135,097 was a remarkable result during a summer that was devastated by unprecedented bushfires. Racing Victoria offered their support to the bushfire crisis by pledging to donate $1 for every vote received. In addition, they also donated all 93 horse nomination fees of $500 totalling $46,500 to the Good Friday Appeal.

If you would like to find out more about Unico’s All-Star Mile secure website and online voting platform, contact Evan Harridge below.

Unico have extensive experience using technology to enhance animal welfare outcomes as well as support traceability, regulation and member engagement.

If you would like to learn more, contact Evan Harridge below.


Evan Harridge

Director of Innovation