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AWS Select Tier Consulting Partner

AWS Select Tier Consulting Partner

AWS Select Tier Consulting Partner

Unico has been recognised by Amazon Web Services (AWS) as a Select Tier Consulting Partner in the AWS Partner Network (APN).

As an AWS Select Tier trusted partner, our team leverages AWS products, and services to provide cloud solutions and advisory services to our customers. Unico is proud to be recognised for our specialised cloud services and technical proficiency in cloud deployment, and management.   

We are thrilled about advancing to the Select-Tier Consulting Partner level. This will enable us to continue to provide quality AWS cloud solutions to our customers and assist them on their cloud transformation journey.

Ramnik Singh, Partner Manager

Our AWS speciality areas:

If you are interested in finding out more please contact:

Ramnik Singh

Business Development Manager

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Oracle MySQL database replication for senior government office

Oracle MySQL database replication for senior government office

How Unico is supporting a senior government office review architecture and configuration in light of some recent operational issues (Oracle MySQL database replication) and their roadmap.


  • Updated configuration
  • Provided MOP (method of procedure) to implement and enable the new configuration
  • Supported the senior office with implementation and support.

Oracle MySQL referred us to this piece of work as we are a trusted and long-standing partner. A senior government office engaged Unico to review their architecture and configuration in light of some recent operational issues (Oracle MySQL database replication) and their roadmap.

We conducted interview workshops to clarify initial requirements, reviewed architecture and configuration, revised configuration and articulated implementation steps including a future roadmap.  

Our team delivered an updated configuration, a MOP to implement and enabled the new configuration and supported the office with the implementation and support including technical queries and troubleshooting.

Replication was successfully re-instated and operational across the Oracle MySQL cluster. A high-level technical assessment of future work items including an Oracle MySQL version upgrade, cluster upgrade, and traffic balancing was also considered.

Brent Wijnberg

Business Development Manager

+61 3 9865 9179

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Modernising a regulatory audit and booking system using process digitisation: Intralot

Modernising a regulatory audit and booking system using process digitisation: Intralot

Utilising process digitisation and platform development to transform legacy regulatory systems.


  • Process digitisation 
  • Web portal for audit tracking
  • UI & UX design

Intralot is a global lottery and sports betting operator that monitors pokie machines in Victoria on behalf of the state government

Monitoring of these machines is crucial to protect gambling integrity and ensure compliance with state regulatory requirements at venues. Audits of machines are conducted regularly to check for compliance breaches and record installation.

Historically, Intralot relied on a manual Microsoft excel based system to record booked audits, machine installations and data entry.  This resulted in:

1. Inefficient and time-consuming manual data entry

2. Vulnerabilities to compliance breaches due to human error

3. Large amounts of unstructured data due to manual processes

4. Difficulty coordinating large teams across different vendors and casinos

Intralot engaged Unico to support the digitalisation of manual processes and develop a new online booking portal to accurately and effectively record audits and installation of machines.

Our solution delivered:

  • Process digitisation, eliminating manual data translation from vendor information into the legacy case management control system (CMCS)
  • Web based portal to track data entry and audits of machines
  • Real time viewing of upcoming deployment activities and reports on historical data
  • Automated management of business rules about deployments
  • Overall improvements in lead times for deployment activities
  • The utilisation of Oracle database, Amazon Web Services servers and JAVA script
  • Solution architecture that enabled historical record keeping of machine installations, maintenance and monitoring incidences

“Our project had very specific quality requirements, strict regulator frameworks and tight deadlines. The technical delivery team execution was excellent, and they very clearly understood the end goal.”

Basu Gowda, Program Manager, Intralot

Digitising these processes has made it easier for Intralot to ensure machine compliance, accurate record keeping and traceability for more effective planning of future audits.

Unico continues to provide support and regular governance to Intralot, ensuring new machine vendors are onboarded seamlessly.

If you are interested in our digital transformation capabilities get in touch below.

Ramnik Singh

Business Development Manager

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The MIoT tech that connects a wearable device to a mobile

The MIoT tech that connects a wearable device to a mobile

connected wearable devices

Key benefit
One of the key benefits of uPair is its lifecycle management of this growing family of ‘Mobile Internet of Things’ (MIoT) secondary devices towards the operator. uPair provides a service delivery framework between the operator and third party ecosystems and abstracts much of the complexity into the operator through the use of standards based TMF API’s to the operator’s Network, CRM and Charging/Billing systems.

How it works:

  • The handset and wearable device connects via Bluetooth, with the handset connecting to uPair via the mobile network or WiFi.
  • uPair checks both local and operator databases to establish existing state and whether the customer is entitled to the One Number service.
  • If the customer is ‘entitled’ to sign up and proceeds, uPair hosts the user sign up web flow process, assigns the eSIM and mobile details from its inventory tables, readies the eSIM for download and updates the operator’s fulfilment system.
  • The operator’s provisioning system updates services in the network.
  • uPair passes the assigned eSIM back to the handset and wearable device, and the wearable device subsequently downloads the eSIM.
  • uPair updates the operator CRM and charging systems as required.
  • The operator replies to uPair when all is complete, uPair updates its database.
  • The watch and handset are notified all is complete.

If you would like to find out more about how uPair can help your business, please contact Jason Bodsworth.

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The largest Oracle MySQL NDB Cluster in the Southern Hemisphere

The largest Oracle MySQL NDB Cluster in the Southern Hemisphere

When one of Australia’s largest telecommunications providers needed a new mission-critical platform for provisioning millions of mobile, fixed, and broadband services, they turned to us – Australia’s leading Oracle MySQL technology partner – to develop a solution.

We developed an “always on technology” mobile provisioning and fixed service orchestration solution that deployed the largest Oracle MySQL NDB Cluster in the Southern Hemisphere.

The solution stores millions of services and involves:

  • Taking provisioning orders from multiple CRMs and orchestrating these orders across many network devices to activate fixed and mobile services.
  • Maintaining a comprehensive service inventory of customer network data that is used throughout the provisioning process.
  • Complex service and cross service orchestration when provisioning these services into various network systems.
  • Zero touch provisioning, with self-healing through existing state determination and use of automated retry with no manual intervention.
  • Fully configurable so new services and devices can be added as needed.

Oracle MySQL enabled us to deliver a single centralised database for all service inventory data resulting in significant cost savings. These solutions incorporated the MySQL database and have benefitted extensively from its function, performance, and reliability.

We have been working with Oracle MySQL for over ten years, resulting in numerous highly complex mission critical technology solutions. We have also deployed the Oracle Communications Service Gateway (OCSG) into a leading Australian Telco to provide a ‘Network As A Service’ (NaaS) gateway.

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Australia’s first entitlement server eSIM solution for wearable device compatibility: uPair


Australia’s first entitlement server eSIM solution for wearable device compatibility: uPair 

One number, one service. An entitlement server eSIM solution that allows Telco network customers to use the built-in cellular capability of their wearable technology. 


  • An easy to integrate, low entry cost entitlement server solution ready to implement for all Telcos
  • Compatible with Apple & Samsung devices
  • High availability, low latency and fault-tolerant provisioning system
  • CRM integration and customer entitlement management 
  • Built in multiple edge case scenario capability & ACID compliance
  • Utilised an Oracle MySQL database

Many Telcos don’t have the budget, resources or knowledge to develop an entitlement server solution for their own business.

That means they are missing out on crucial new streams of revenue that can be gained from charging customers for value-added services.

Entitlement server solutions are used to allow users to connect multiple SIM and eSIM enabled devices to one number and service. This connection can be bundled into a subscription package where pairing capability is offered via mobile app.

Our solution uPair gives lower tier Telcos the ability to compete with Tier 1 Telcos by offering their customers wearable tech pairing at a low cost of entry.

Unico partnered with Australia’s largest mobile service provider who needed an application that allowed Australians to use the built in cellular capability of the new ‘Apple watch’ (GPS + Cellular) .

In doing so Unico were the first in Australia to develop an eSIM solution that supported wearable device compatibility.  

uPair eSIM solution developed by Unico

By integrating this entitlement solution our customer could share a single service with a mobile device through sharing accurate subscriber identification information with their network.

Our client was equipped with a telco grade, real-time and high availability entitlement server solution that enabled them to offer value-added services to their customers.

uPair was able to meet the needs of a world-class telecomms provider and deliver a world first in eSIM technology.

– John Rowland, Managing Director, Unico

The project included provisioning and enabling of the eSIM for the Apple Watch to download and update its network whilst allowing paired devices to operate with a ‘shared number’ service. The partnership marked the first time an eSIM technology had been delivered to the Australian consumer market.  

Thanks to uPair thousands of Australians are connected to Australia’s biggest mobile network for phone calls and messages via their wearable devices

If you are interested and want to find out more get in touch below and talk to us today.

Jason Bodsworth

Business Development Manager

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Creating a one-to-one customer experience through Salesforce Marketing Cloud: Cargill Australia


Creating a one-to-one customer experience through Salesforce Marketing Cloud: Cargill Australia

How Unico helped a global food provider communicate more directly with Australian farmers using Salesforce Marketing Cloud (SFMC).


  • Cargill Australia


  • Enhance communication with farmers on market conditions using Salesforce Marketing Cloud


  • Allow Cargill Australia to send targeted, personalised messages to its contacts 
  • Create elaborate customer journeys and communication campaigns with relevant stakeholders  


  • Targeted consulting in Cargill Australia’s prioritised areas 


  • Tailored customer journeys designed to fit the business requirements for all subscribers 
  • New personalised, direct communications capabilities with subscribers 
  • Managed and authenticated a subscriber list of over 50,000 contacts  

Cargill Australia have a large database of contacts in Salesforce Marketing Cloud who they regularly send emails and text messages regarding crop pricing and market conditions. Without marketing automation enabled through SFMC, they could not create and send personalised emails to key stakeholders and customers at scale. Consequently, Cargill Australia would conduct untargeted email campaigns carrying irrelevant information to broad customer segments. 

During our engagement with Cargill Australia we helped build journeys and campaigns for all existing customers within their database. This included designing interactive email campaigns containing cloud hosted crop surveys that were able to deliver data to Cargill Australia regarding estimated crop sizes and harvest dates. Collated data was able to drive campaigns that contained useful and timely information sent in alignment with crop harvesting and growth cycles. This data could be utilised by farmers to better manage their crop.

Increased efficiency in communications has been beneficial for both Cargill Australia and their contacts as they now have access to important agricultural data when they need it most.

Through the utilisation of crop survey emails, we were also able to authenticate Cargill Australia’s contact database to ensure that all customer data was accurate and clean.

Our partnership with Cargill Australia has boosted their confidence in what they can achieve with Salesforce Marketing Cloud. Unico’s ongoing consultation has empowered their team to utilise SFMC to map out custom journeys and campaigns for their entire contact base.


Evan Harridge

Director of Innovation

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Reducing integration platform maintenance windows by up to 90%: CitiPower

integration platform

Reducing integration platform maintenance windows by up to 90%: CitiPower

Unico delivered a roadmap of integration platform initiatives that would dramatically increase business efficiencies with a doubling of platform capacity, releasing 3 to 4 staff from the intensive, extremely expensive and error prone manual reconciliation and restoration obligations.


  • CitiPower


  • Reduce maintenance windows and increase business efficiencies


  • Solving reliability issues and integrity errors in data transactions between critical business IT systems 


  • Reviewing the key integration platform
  • Identifying technical stability issues
  • Installing a future-proof architecture roadmap


  • Reduction of the integration platform maintenance window by up to 90%
  • Releasing 3-4 staff from the expensive and error prone manual reconciliation process

Reliability issues and integrity errors in data transactions between critical business IT systems were causing data loss and corruption. This was placing increasing demands on staff time through intensive manual reconciliation and restoration, impacting business confidence and daily business efficiencies.

Increasing competition and price pressure in energy delivery and services have led energy distributors to exploit leading edge technologies to enable cost-effective, high-availability and real time business and market information to better compete on price and service.

CitiPower supplies electricity to more than 310,000 distribution customers in Melbourne’s CBD and inner suburbs, operating among the most reliable urban and rural electricity networks in Australia. Powercor Australia is Victoria’s largest electricity distributor, supplying electricity to regional and rural centres in central and western Victoria, and Melbourne’s outer western suburbs for approximately 700,000 distribution customers.

CitiPower & Powercor built an integration platform to manage high volumes of data transactions between their metering, market and customer business systems. Reliability issues and integrity errors in data transactions however were impacting business confidence and efficiencies on a daily basis. It was also clear that a strategy was needed to future proof data transactions as data volumes are on a steep growth curve driven by aggressive business IT sophistication.


A review of a key integration platform identified a number of technical recommendations to address stability issues. A long-term roadmap to future proof against the increasing demands for real-time business data and evolution of the platform architecture was recommended.

As one of Oracle’s most experienced implementation partners in the region with extensive experience with Oracle Fusion Middleware, Unico was able to address the issues around data transaction management and create future proofing strategies to cope with the increase data loads.

Our team focused on the core technology stack and architecture, while gaining the necessary understanding of business context and network connectivity. We were then able to identify performance issues and provide sound recommendations to restore data transaction integrity that would ensure medium term predictability and confidence for the business with real time data transactions. A robust roadmap was also proposed for improving long-term architectural design and best-practice evolution of the business technology to cope with increasing demands.


Predicted increase in business efficiencies including a doubling of integration platform capacity, a reduction of the platform maintenance window by up to 90%. A roadmap of remediation initiatives intended to restore data transaction integrity and restore business confidence in real time data transactions was also delivered.

Unico delivered a roadmap of initiatives that would dramatically increase business efficiencies with a doubling of integration platform capacity and reduction of the platform maintenance window by up to 90%, and elimination of incomplete or stranded transactions (several hundred per day), releasing 3 to 4 staff from the intensive and extremely expensive and error prone manual reconciliation and restoration obligations.

The strategy will eliminate most unplanned outages, smooth the profile and lower database latency and resource usage, and provide operational control over interfaces in outage events that may still occur.