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All-Star Mile voting shows horse racing continues to strengthen female audience

All-Star Mile voting shows horse racing continues to strengthen female audience

Highly secure website and All-Star Mile voting platform with a validation rate of 96.4%

Unico is proud to have supported Racing Victoria deliver their vision for the All-Star Mile for three consecutive years. The All-Star Mile is the world’s richest mile and the only race where the Australian public choose who races on the day.

Racing Victoria and Unico collaborated to create a highly secure website and All-Star Mile voting platform that is auto-scaling, auto-healing with cloud-first design, and the ability to handle high levels of user traffic. Unico is proud to announce for the third year that a Big 4 Advisory firm’s Cyber Security team were unable to penetrate the platform and a validation rate of 96.4% was achieved through SMS verification codes and Salesforce marketing cloud campaigns.  

The All-Star Mile was designed to attract a new and more diverse audience, which was achieved for the second year in a row with over 32% female voters. This could not have been delivered without the teamwork and collaboration between Racing Victoria and Unico – our team more than halved the number of unverified votes from last year worked on tight deadlines and had to adapt to meet regulatory constraints” Racing Victoria GM Customer Strategy & Engagement Marcia Allan.

This year’s All-Star Mile continued to engage fans with 10 wildcard Owner Ambassadors who shared a prize pool of $500,000, with Matt Fory from Shepparton taking home the top $250,000 prize alongside winner Mugatoo.

If you would like to find out more about Unico’s All Star Mile secure website and voting platform, please contact Evan Harridge.

Evan Harridge

Director Innovation

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Australia’s first entitlement server eSIM solution for wearable device compatibility: uPair


Australia’s first entitlement server eSIM solution for wearable device compatibility: uPair 

One number, one service. An entitlement server eSIM solution that allows Telco network customers to use the built-in cellular capability of their wearable technology. 


  • An easy to integrate, low entry cost entitlement server solution ready to implement for all Telcos
  • Compatible with Apple & Samsung devices
  • High availability, low latency and fault-tolerant provisioning system
  • CRM integration and customer entitlement management 
  • Built in multiple edge case scenario capability & ACID compliance
  • Utilised an Oracle MySQL database

Many Telcos don’t have the budget, resources or knowledge to develop an entitlement server solution for their own business.

That means they are missing out on crucial new streams of revenue that can be gained from charging customers for value-added services.

Entitlement server solutions are used to allow users to connect multiple SIM and eSIM enabled devices to one number and service. This connection can be bundled into a subscription package where pairing capability is offered via mobile app.

Our solution uPair gives lower tier Telcos the ability to compete with Tier 1 Telcos by offering their customers wearable tech pairing at a low cost of entry.

Unico partnered with Australia’s largest mobile service provider who needed an application that allowed Australians to use the built in cellular capability of the new ‘Apple watch’ (GPS + Cellular) .

In doing so Unico were the first in Australia to develop an eSIM solution that supported wearable device compatibility.  

uPair eSIM solution developed by Unico

By integrating this entitlement solution our customer could share a single service with a mobile device through sharing accurate subscriber identification information with their network.

Our client was equipped with a telco grade, real-time and high availability entitlement server solution that enabled them to offer value-added services to their customers.

uPair was able to meet the needs of a world-class telecomms provider and deliver a world first in eSIM technology.

– John Rowland, Managing Director, Unico

The project included provisioning and enabling of the eSIM for the Apple Watch to download and update its network whilst allowing paired devices to operate with a ‘shared number’ service. The partnership marked the first time an eSIM technology had been delivered to the Australian consumer market.  

Thanks to uPair thousands of Australians are connected to Australia’s biggest mobile network for phone calls and messages via their wearable devices

If you are interested and want to find out more get in touch below and talk to us today.

Jason Bodsworth

Business Development Manager

Case studies

Building an efficient tolling and automation solution with global scale

Building an efficient tolling and automation solution with global scale

How Unico helped a toll road owner digitally transform with a new automated tolling platform.


  • Integration of toll road operations into a single automated tolling and payment platform
  • Legacy systems modernisation and uplift to reduce maintenance costs and adapt to customer preference for digital payments
  • SMART automation – a steep increase in trip construction and a reduction in manual processes required of staff
  • Processing capacity for roadside message rates exceeding 100 per second
  • Ability to process 4.5 million tag and account updates and transmit a further 2 million tag and account status updates daily

Transurban, a toll road owner and operator with interests in Australia and the United States needed to embark on a major IT project to build a new tolling and customer management solution.

Transurban had a range of road projects managed by outdated legacy IT architectures and technologies. This lead to two key problems.

  1. Exponentially increasing maintenance costs

2. Failing to serve the needs of its customers who expected to be able to pay toll fees digitally

The client sought an automation solution that would address corporate risk concerns, support multi-tenancy and drive channel shift towards online payments whilst avoiding future obsolescence issues.

Day-to-day operations required a solution that would process and manage roadside message rates exceeding 100 per second, receive 4.5 million tag and account updates and transmit a further 2 million tag and account status updates.

Unico needed to integrate all toll road operations with best known practices from seven roads across three jurisdictions into a single platform.

We built a new platform that would reduce IT costs required to operate and maintain their core business.

Other features included:

. Plug revenue leakage from known issues in existing systems

. Reduce costs associated with customer service

. Streamline call centre process through standardisation

. Reduce costs and increasing customer satisfaction.

The new platform would also manage PCI compliance, risk management and disaster recovery across all of the clients business interests.

Roadside images for enforcement and quality assurance now exceed 30Gb per day and are processed using SMART automation and ergonomics which have vastly reduced the number of staff required to complete manual tasks.

Unico’s ability to build high volume, complex systems was critical to the success of the project.

Our tolling solution helped seamlessly transition this organisations most valuable business operations and associated customers to a new platform.

The partnered SMART automation platform now receives tag and account status updates from all toll operators across Australia as well as dealing with high volume roadside message rates and images.

Brent Wijnberg

Business Development Manager