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Efficient and flexible tolling on a global scale

Efficient and flexible tolling on a global scale

Smart technology keeps Australians moving in the right direction


  • Tolling solution


  • An end-of-life technology with increasing maintenance costs
  • Inability to augment in response to changing market conditions and customer expectations.


  • Integrate all toll road operations across seven roads in three jurisdictions into one single platform.


  • A tolling solution that consolidated best practice from 15 years of toll road operations across seven roads in three jurisdictions into a single platform.
  • Smart automation, a steep increase in trip construction and a reduction in manual processing

A toll road owner and operator with interests in Australia and the United
States embarked on a major IT project to build a new tolling and customer
management solution.

With a portfolio of new projects and acquisitions managed by legacy IT
architectures and technology, the client required a consistent solution that
would address corporate risk concerns, support multi-tenancy, drive channel shift towards online and be service orientated to avoid obsolescence issues in the future.

Day to day operations required a solution that would process and manage roadside message rates exceeding 100 per second, receive 4.5 million tag and account updates and transmit a further 2 million tag and account status updates.

Unico’s mandate was to integrate all toll road operation and known best
practice from seven roads in three jurisdictions into a single platform.

Once in place, the new platform would reduce IT costs required to operate
and maintain their core business. It would also: plug revenue leakage from
known issues in existing systems, reduce costs associated with customer
service, streamline call centre process through standardization, reducing
costs and increasing customer satisfaction.

The new platform would also manage PCI compliance, risk management and disaster recovery across all of the clients business interests.

Roadside images for enforcement and quality assurance now exceed 30Gb per day and are processed using smarter automation and ergonomics which have vastly reduced the number of staff required to complete manual tasks.

Unico’s ability to build high volume, complex systems was critical to the
success of the project.

Our tolling solution helped seamlessly transition this organisations most valuable business operations and associated customers to a new platform.

The partnered platform now receives tag and account status updates from all toll operators across Australia as well as dealing with high volume roadside message rates and images.

Chiomi Gendre

Business Development Manager

Case Studies

Developing Australia’s first eSIM solution for wearable device compatibility: uPair


Developing Australia’s first eSIM solution for wearable device compatibility: uPair 

One SIM, one number, one service. An eSIM (embedded SIM) solution that allows Australians to use the built-in cellular capability of their Apple Watch (GPS + Cellular). 


  • Tier 1 Australian Telco


  • uPair


  • Create a high availability, low latency and fault tolerant eSIM provisioning system 
  • Allow for a single mobile number to be allocated to multiple devices 
  • Geo-location enablement 
  • Full ACID compliance 
  • Real time performance and storage capabilities 


  • Develop a subscriber identify module that securely provides subscriber identification information to a carrier’s network 
  • eSIM provisioning for a shared number service 
  • CRM integration and customer entitlement management 
  • Built in multiple edge case scenario capability 


  • A polished and seamless end-user experience
  • Provisioning for 20,000 to 30,000 transactions per day
  • Full 4G GPS & Cellular capability for the Apple Watch  

Australia’s largest mobile service provider, needed an application that enabled the new Apple Watch to share as single service with a mobile device through sharing accurate subscriber identification information to a carrier’s network. A single mobile number needed to be connected to multiple devices with real-time performance and storage capabilities. The solution needed to be telco grade with real-time and high availability performance requirements.

Our eSIM (embedded SIM) solution introduces the ability for customers to use the built-in cellular capability of their new Apple Watch (GPS + Cellular). Thanks to uPair thousands of Australians are connected to Australia’s biggest mobile network for phone calls and messages via their wearable devices. 

Unico’s technology has provided a host of enablers for this service, including management of customer entitlements and CRM integration. uPair encompasses customer-facing screens that enable sign-up processes, entitlements, database systems and mediator protocols which apply updates to various systems across telecom networks. 

Our team solved several technical challenges resulting from integrating new technology into an existing national network with an accelerated timeframe. uPair seamlessly handles multiple edge case scenarios such as lost settings, refreshing broken entitlements and timeouts. 


Our product was able to meet the needs of a world-class telecommunications provider and deliver a world first in eSIM technology.

– John Rowland, Managing Director, Unico

The project included provisioning and enabling of the eSIM for the Apple Watch to download and update its network whilst allowing paired devices to operate with a ‘shared number’ service. The partnership marked the first time an eSIM technology had been delivered to the Australian consumer market.  

Our solution offered a high availability, low latency and fault tolerant solution that facilitated an optimal user experience. 

Mark Hannon

Head of Sales