International Day for the Eradication of Poverty

How the Unico Conservation Foundation is helping eradicate poverty

Sheree Marris

International Day for the Eradication of Poverty on the 17th of October, focuses on ending persistent poverty, respecting all people and our planet. The World Bank estimates that recent global events will push 143 and 163 million people into poverty. These ‘new poor’ will join the ranks of the 1.3 billion people already living in poverty.

There is no simple solution, it’s a multidimensional phenomenon that encompasses a lack of income, food security, basic healthcare and education.

At the Unico Conservation Foundation, we work with projects and people in developing countries through; training programs to equip communities with the skills, knowledge and resources to build sustainable livelihoods.

This includes training women to set up marine protected areas that provide food security and drives the economy through eco-tourism as well as investing in restoring fragile mangrove communities that are vital nurseries for fish.

Case studies

SAFe Agile adoption (including DevOps with Agile) and organisational change management

SAFe Agile adoption (including DevOps with Agile) and organisational change management

Unico supported a leading Australian Telco transform organisationally to meet future needs of customers and improve adoption of a ‘cloud-first’ approach and SAFe Agile ways of working, including DevOps with Agile.


  • Real time charging and billing functions
  • Improved people, culture and capability of a cloud-first principle and Agile ways of working
  • Uplift of software quality
  • DevOps with Agile approach
  • Joint organisation change management plan
  • SAFe Agile delivery and SAFe coaches
  • Data driven decisions.

A leading Australian Telco recognised the necessity to completely transform to continue to meet the future needs of its customers. It sought improved people, culture and capability via the adoption of a cloud-first approach and Agile ways of working to increase competence, knowledge, team performance, improved organisational governance, harness and improve innovation opportunities and decrease time to market for a new product through implementation of DevOps with Agile approach.

The project called for a new approach for more effective change management and improved governance, including adopting a whole of business Future Ways of Working (FWOW) transformation.

Key objectives:

• Improve responsiveness for internal and external customers

• Compress the time taken to market for new and updated product

• Increase operating efficiency

• Uplift software quality

• Lower resourcing costs

• Increase visibility of the development pipeline between the two partners

• Undertake the change with a seamless transition representing minimal disruption.

We worked closely with the Telco to form a Joint Organisation Change Management Plan. The plan included a shared transformation vision and plan, clear roles and responsibilities between the Telco and our team. Shared Tools that supported collaboration and alignment between the SAFe Coach and the Telco’s FWOW Coaches were adopted, and Unico led the adoption of SAFe agile delivery across the partnership.

The Telco is now empowered by transparency and this leads to evidence and data driven decision making. This ensures there is clearer visibility on its product roadmap and the organisation is positioned with the confidence to deliver to it. The result for the customer is that they are delivering more effectively and with greater consistency.

Case studies

Online Charging System (OCS) integration eliminating bill shock

Online Charging System (OCS) integration eliminating bill shock

We supported a leading Australian Telco to eliminate bill shock through an Online Charging System (OCS) integration providing real time charging and billing functions.


  • Real time charging and billing functions
  • OCS management and orchestration
  • Mapping OCS specific API’s
  • Core IT systems underwent minimal change
  • Elimination of bill shock.

A leading Australian Telco was receiving negative feedback due to bill-shock from excessive mobile data usage, from both domestic and international mobile traffic. In addition, the Australia Regulator (ACMA) was moving to enforce protection for customers against such bill-shock for roaming data. As a result of this and the desire to improve the customer experience, the Telco wanted to move towards a ‘real-time’ charging solution that involved the introduction of an Online Charging System (OCS).

The OCS Integration Layer allowed a series of the Telco’s defined interfaces to be supported into the network, with the OCS managing any orchestration, mapping to OCS specific API’s, and commands and data models – especially as these OCS API’s and commands evolved over numerous versions. This allowed the Telco’s ‘Core’ IT systems to undergo minimal change and be isolated from the numerous lifecycle upgrades that occurred in the network and Online Charging System architecture.

The solution bridged the gap between classic networks and the ‘IT’ systems that delivered the rating, charging and billing function for hundreds of thousands of orders daily with very low fallout, whilst maintaining a regular release program.

Case studies

Defence Telco migration to a microservice database

Defence Telco migration to a microservice database

Our team helped a key Defence Telco enhance a Network Design Tool and migrate to a microservice database. The project included uplifting the design tool to achieve greater automation, reduced errors and better visibility.


  • Reduction in errors and enhanced visibly
  • Transition to Microservices based architecture
  • Migration to a microservice database.
  • Automatic generation of design artefacts.

As the services the Defence Telco provided to Defence evolved, the design tool had not been updated in-line with the changes and significant manual tasks were required. The Defence Telco contracted us to work on uplifting the design tool to achieve greater automation, reduce errors and better visibility for Defence.

A sprint plan was provided that outlined the content of each sprint, including the business value that would be delivered in each iteration. While this formed the foundation for the commitments to the Defence Telco, requirements and design were continuously evolved and improved upon in each iteration and for each Sprint, and the Defence Telco had the opportunity to refine or re-prioritise tasks.

The existing solution was a Ruby on Rails monolith application. The uplift work that we performed transitioned the solution to a Microservices based architecture. This provided the Defence Telco flexibility and the additional benefit of allowing development across differing classifications. As Microservices are independent of each other, new services may be developed in an unclassified environment while others are developed in a classified environment.

The applications included:

•  Site application providing summary information regarding a Defence site

• ‘Baseline’ application allowing the automatic generation of design artifacts at a given point in time

• Document application managing linkages to reference and design documents

• Concession application managing design concessions and variances

• Approval application tracking and linking design approach.

The solution resulted in several enhancements and automatic generation of two key design artefacts that previously required creating a document and significant manual work.

Case studies

Agile data migration of ICT personnel resources

Agile data migration of ICT personnel resources

A leading Global Telco’s ICC platform had reached end of life and would no longer be supported. After a thorough market evaluation and procurement process, the Telco selected the Matrixx Digital Commerce Platform (DCP) to deliver the RTC program and agile data migration for all their mobile subscribers.


  • Migration of 8 million subscribers
  • Matrixx DCP
  • Agile SAFe™ management and principles
  • Delivered in 7 weeks, 6 weeks ahead of schedule.

Unico was engaged to deliver agile data migration and to ensure multiple stakeholders and relevant system owners were openly collaborating and meeting complex cross-system interfacing requirements.

It was unknown at the start of the engagement what the performance of the legacy platform and interfacing systems was. Therefore, we needed to plan based on our experience with similar technologies and approaches.

This allowed our team to work back from the required completion date and schedule the project accordingly to ensure there were no slippages. The solution we developed was executed through the implementation of our customised Unico migration solution which interacted with the Telco’s middleware.

UMT was designed specifically to follow the Matrixx DCP processes allowing the seamless transition of working documents and the Telco’s ability to continue working throughout the migration on other related critical activities and BAU tasks.

During the migration, the UMT tool was required to hold and retry transaction types for subscribers who were still part of the migration, without causing service failure and with minimal impact. The migration tool also ensured that services did not get migrated in the event of failure during migration.

Unico used a hyper ‘Agile’ approach adhering to SAFe™ management practices and principles. In doing so, we adopted all relevant practices, values and methodologies as defined by the SAFe™ methodology.

Unico successfully migrated all 8 million of the Telco’s prepaid subscribers to Matrixx DCP, the new system and real-time charging. The project was delivered ahead of time in 7 weeks (estimated 13 weeks), there was zero downtime of the migration tool.

Case studies Partners

Oracle MySQL database replication for senior government office

Oracle MySQL database replication for senior government office

How Unico is supporting a senior government office review architecture and configuration in light of some recent operational issues (Oracle MySQL database replication) and their roadmap.


  • Updated configuration
  • Provided MOP (method of procedure) to implement and enable the new configuration
  • Supported the senior office with implementation and support.

Oracle MySQL referred us to this piece of work as we are a trusted and long-standing partner. A senior government office engaged Unico to review their architecture and configuration in light of some recent operational issues (Oracle MySQL database replication) and their roadmap.

We conducted interview workshops to clarify initial requirements, reviewed architecture and configuration, revised configuration and articulated implementation steps including a future roadmap.  

Our team delivered an updated configuration, a MOP to implement and enabled the new configuration and supported the office with the implementation and support including technical queries and troubleshooting.

Replication was successfully re-instated and operational across the Oracle MySQL cluster. A high-level technical assessment of future work items including an Oracle MySQL version upgrade, cluster upgrade, and traffic balancing was also considered.

Case studies

Digitising business process for leading FMCG

Digitising business processes for leading FMCG

How Unico is supporting a leading FMCG with the digitising of business processes and empower relationship managers with insightful customer data and purchasing trends.


  • Enhanced customer experience through data driven insights
  • Highly flexible and configurable solution
  • Purchase history and product preference
  • Complex credit card processing with Stripe integration.

We are engaged with the digitising of business processes to reduce manual work and migrate a core app to a better solution looking for an enhanced user experience. This solution will allow the business to grow and amplify reporting of customer data to make informed marketing and relationship decisions.

We are currently undergoing a review of the FMCG’s systems, including interviewing team members and customers to understand the user and relationship manager experience and understand the tools and processes that are being used at each step.

The solution combines CRM & ERP for product, customer and campaign management, pricing and financial orders, warehouse management for inventory and offers management, and eCommerce functionality including a custom built shopping cart with highly complex business rules, as well as Stripe integration for credit card processing.

The solution is designed to be highly flexible and configurable and is rounded off with reporting and business intelligence analytics capability to drive business agility and value.

The primary purpose of the solution is to create better data connections between the customers and the relationship manager – including purchase history, product preference and buying trends.

Business update Insights Media

Unico welcomes Thomas Crawford as CFO

Unico welcomes Thomas Crawford as CFO

7 June 2021

John Rowland, Managing Director Unico is pleased to announce the appointment of Thomas (Tom) Crawford as Chief Financial Officer of the company. This follows the announcement that David Goode will be stepping into a strategic advisor role assessing investments for Unico and uSpark.

Tom will join Unico on Monday, 7 June 2021, and will be supported by David in the transition and handover.

Commenting on the appointment, John Rowland, Managing Director said “I am excited to have Tom on board and look forward to continuing our diversification strategy and achieving our strategic growth ambitions. He joins us from Adecco Group where he worked in the UK and Australia, and his experience includes professional services technology, and recruitment. I would also like to thank David Goode for his tremendous effort over the last couple of years and look forward to continuing to work with him on Unico and uSpark investments.”

Tom Crawford, CFO

Tom Crawford said “I am thrilled to be joining Unico. I have long held a passion for optimising business performance through technology, and I look forward to working with John, the Executive, and the wider Unico business on achieving the company’s strategic growth objectives.”

Tom Crawford

Before joining Unico, Tom Crawford was the CFO of the Adecco Group’s New Zealand operations, driving a return to profitability for the country and successfully diversifying the business into high-growth industries.

Tom held several senior leadership roles with Adecco and was talent-tracked through Adecco’s international future leaders’ program, gaining exposure to a wide range of industries and markets.

Tom helped to set up the finance function and provide strategic direction to a fledgling technology company of the Adecco Group and worked for several years as a finance business partner for the professional technology services brands of the Adecco Group.

Tom started his career in finance on a graduate program with Reed, the largest privately owned recruitment business in the UK. From there, he successfully secured international assignments to help transform finance operations in South Korea and Australia for the Reed Global Group.

Professionally, his key passions are in empowering and developing high-performing teams, optimizing finance and business processes through technology, and positioning finance as a business partner to help drive profitable sustainable growth.

Outside of work, Tom is passionate about travel, learning new languages and cultures, and enjoys cooking and spending time with his family.

Tom is a member of the chartered management accountants (CIMA) and holds a master’s degree in linguistics from the University of York in the UK.

John Rowland

Managing Director

Business update Media

Defence Strategic Advisor – Harry Moffitt

Retired SAS Team Commander, Harry Moffitt, leading defence charge

31 May 2021

Harry Moffitt is a strategic defence advisor to Unico in the Defence and Government sector. He brings to the table over 30 years of experience in defence and holds top security clearance.

Harry is supporting Unico with our diversification strategy and continues to build out our experience in the Defence and Government sectors. Unico offers an extensive range of services for Defence, government and public sector including satellite provisioning, digital transformation, information and communications technology, system integration and bespoke technology solutions.

Recently retired, Harry is a former SAS Team Commander turned organisational psychologist. He has extensive military and government experience at operational and administrative levels and an exceptional track record in strategic and tactical decision making and leadership.

Harry is engaging, transformative, and highly principled with an excellent ability to build strong strategic relationships. He has extensive experience working at the board and senior executive level across industry and habitually engages at Ministerial levels of the federal government. He has a unique and deep understanding of cultural and organisational transformation and is passionate about sovereign capability development.

Harry’s outstanding strategic and political acumen, combined with his background as a strategic advisor for various defence transformation projects, perfectly matches Unico’s ambition to expand capability offering in defence and government.

Harry Moffitt

Business update Media

Land Forces 2021

Unico is excited to be attending Land Forces 2021

1-3 June 2021

Unico is excited to be heading to Brisbane next week to attend Land Forces 2021. Our Public Sector specialist Brent Wijnberd will be flying solo, if you see him make sure to say hi. Fun facts: Brent is a massive fan of country music, plays guitar, and loves Bruce Springsteen.

As an Australian founded and 100% resourced technology company, we pride ourselves on serving the Australian community and its people. Our people are NV1 and NV2 cleared, and are based in Canberra, Melbourne, and Sydney, and are experienced with Microsoft Azure.

Unico offers an extensive range of services for Defence, government and public sector including satellite provisioning, digital transformation, information and communications technology, system integration and bespoke technology solutions.

We look forward to connecting.