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The MIoT tech that connects a wearable device to a mobile

The MIoT tech that connects a wearable device to a mobile

connected wearable devices

Key benefit
One of the key benefits of uPair is its lifecycle management of this growing family of ‘Mobile Internet of Things’ (MIoT) secondary devices towards the operator. uPair provides a service delivery framework between the operator and third party ecosystems and abstracts much of the complexity into the operator through the use of standards based TMF API’s to the operator’s Network, CRM and Charging/Billing systems.

How it works:

  • The handset and wearable device connects via Bluetooth, with the handset connecting to uPair via the mobile network or WiFi.
  • uPair checks both local and operator databases to establish existing state and whether the customer is entitled to the One Number service.
  • If the customer is ‘entitled’ to sign up and proceeds, uPair hosts the user sign up web flow process, assigns the eSIM and mobile details from its inventory tables, readies the eSIM for download and updates the operator’s fulfilment system.
  • The operator’s provisioning system updates services in the network.
  • uPair passes the assigned eSIM back to the handset and wearable device, and the wearable device subsequently downloads the eSIM.
  • uPair updates the operator CRM and charging systems as required.
  • The operator replies to uPair when all is complete, uPair updates its database.
  • The watch and handset are notified all is complete.

If you would like to find out more about how uPair can help your business, please contact Jason Bodsworth.