MBA Wandering Warriors scholarships for veterans

scholarships for veterans

MBA Wandering Warriors scholarships for veterans

Unico supports the Wandering Warriors program providing scholarships for veterans with the opportunity to complete an MBA at prestigious Melbourne Business School and seamlessly transition to civilian life.

Unico is a proud sponsor of the Wandering Warriors through the Melbourne Business School’s ‘Wandering Warriors Scholarship’ for veterans. The scholarship provides veterans with the opportunity to further their studies through Australia’s leading MBA program and assist in the successful transition out of defence and into civilian life.

Who is Wandering Warriors

Wandering Warriors is a veteran charity organisation supporting veterans and their families through education, employment, respite and mentoring programs. The Wandering Warriors scholarship for veterans helps the transition of veterans in Victoria looking to fast track their career as an executive in the corporate or government sector.

Harry Moffitt is the Defence Strategic Advisor at Unico and the Victorian State Manager at Wandering Warriors and served 30 years in the Australian Defence Force (ADF). He recognises the importance of support post service and is a strong advocate of education providing a springboard into a career outside defence. Harry is now a practising psychologist and founder and CEO of the corporate performance consultancy Stotan Group.

Harry Moffit
Harry Moffit, Strategic Defence Advisor Unico

“The previous narrative for post-service aspirations is that individuals pursue study or careers centred around security, oil and gas, and the defence industry. The scholarship opens up further doors and allows individuals to choose their own paths, unrelated to their service.”

“I wanted to pursue a career in psychology however found it difficult to navigate the correct path due to the lack of resources available, so I took initiative and put myself through university”.

Not only does this misconception narrow prospects for ADF members exiting the force, but it also makes the transition back into civilian life limited and more difficult.

“It is very difficult for defence families as they are required to pack up and move their life every two years. This unique situation is hard on individuals and families, therefore we want to provide as much support as possible to veterans to ease their transition post-service.”

“Completing service and entering the real world can be quite overwhelming, so through the Wandering Warriors program, veterans can feel supported at every level. We are adding value to individuals by assisting their self-journey, and therefore the community as a whole.”

Introducing Ed Harris

Ed Harris, recipient of the Wandering Warriors Scholarship for the MBA at Melbourne Business School, applied for the program after seeing Wandering Warriors had established a connection with Melbourne Business School and Unico through a LinkedIn post. He has now finished his service and is on standby reserves after completing 12 years in the ADF.

scholarships for veterans
Ed Harris, Wandering Warriors MBA 2021

“I was ecstatic to be selected for the scholarship considering the competitive nature of the program.”

Ed is intending to use his MBA to bolster his career by working at an executive level for business management with an interest in starting his own company in the future.

“It is a bit of a veil coming from a service role and trying to apply learned leadership and skills acquired in your time at the defence force to your life outside the ADF.”

Ed will use the scholarship and opportunity to transition to his new life and career outside of the ADF in business and continue to be an advocate for supporting defence personnel in their endeavours outside of the force. 

Unico looks forward to working with and supporting Wandering Warriors and the Melbourne Business School to support our veterans, post-service.

Brent Wijnberg

Business Development Manager

+61 3 9865 9179

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Defence Strategic Advisor – Harry Moffitt

Retired SAS Team Commander, Harry Moffitt, leading defence charge

31 May 2021

Harry Moffitt is a strategic defence advisor to Unico in the Defence and Government sector. He brings to the table over 30 years of experience in defence and holds top security clearance.

Harry is supporting Unico with our diversification strategy and continues to build out our experience in the Defence and Government sectors. Unico offers an extensive range of services for Defence, government and public sector including satellite provisioning, digital transformation, information and communications technology, system integration and bespoke technology solutions.

Recently retired, Harry is a former SAS Team Commander turned organisational psychologist. He has extensive military and government experience at operational and administrative levels and an exceptional track record in strategic and tactical decision making and leadership.

Harry is engaging, transformative, and highly principled with an excellent ability to build strong strategic relationships. He has extensive experience working at the board and senior executive level across industry and habitually engages at Ministerial levels of the federal government. He has a unique and deep understanding of cultural and organisational transformation and is passionate about sovereign capability development.

Harry’s outstanding strategic and political acumen, combined with his background as a strategic advisor for various defence transformation projects, perfectly matches Unico’s ambition to expand capability offering in defence and government.

Harry Moffitt

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Land Forces 2021

Unico is excited to be attending Land Forces 2021

1-3 June 2021

Unico is excited to be heading to Brisbane next week to attend Land Forces 2021. Our Public Sector specialist Brent Wijnberd will be flying solo, if you see him make sure to say hi. Fun facts: Brent is a massive fan of country music, plays guitar, and loves Bruce Springsteen.

As an Australian founded and 100% resourced technology company, we pride ourselves on serving the Australian community and its people. Our people are NV1 and NV2 cleared, and are based in Canberra, Melbourne, and Sydney, and are experienced with Microsoft Azure.

Unico offers an extensive range of services for Defence, government and public sector including satellite provisioning, digital transformation, information and communications technology, system integration and bespoke technology solutions.

We look forward to connecting.