The Internet of Things (IOT)

The Internet of Things and Smart IoT Solutions are set to deliver insights, efficiencies and information previously unimagined.


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  • 35 years of industry experience
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Our Mission

To help our clients, large and small to get started with IoT and Smart Solutions.

Unico IoT Solutions:

With a 35-year track record in complex integrations across telecommunications and technology, Unico is uniquely placed to help organisations to get started with IOT and implementing smart solutions. Our approach is to help each organisation to get started with small projects initially and then expand and scale once they get going.

Smart Office

Rental growth rates for office space in all of Australia’s major CBD’s is driving organisations to do more with the space they have instead of relocating to bigger premises. Organisations want to keep their CBD locations to attract and retain talent but are looking at ways they can optimise their facilities to accommodate a growing workforce and new ways of working so they can:

  • Reduce Costs
  • Improve Space Utilisation, including desk space and meeting rooms
  • Better manage energy consumption

Unico is working with property owners and managers, co working space managers and facilities manager to develop proof of concepts that meet their objectives.

Smart Campus

Educational institutions want to enhance the digital student experience whilst also enriching the campus experience and student engagement.

A Smart campus solution can support better student facilities and services through data driven predictive analytics and providing the right resources students to be successful.

Unico is working with Universities to help them optimise campus space, track student foot traffic and ensure students are accessing the services they need.

Smart Transport and Logistics

Unico provides end-to-end solutions for the transportation & logistics industry. Our solutions enable our customers to respond faster and improve their operating costs.

Our outdoor asset tracking and indoor asset tracking solutions allow real time tracking of assets inside a warehouse and outside when the assets are on the move between cities/countries.

Our video analytics solutions help in streamlining of workflow and speeds up operations in the loading dock resulting in increased throughput and safer workplace. We also provide integration solutions that help automate a lot of manual processes.

Meet our IoT specialist

Raj Shetgar

IoT Practice Leader

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