Smart mobile health solutions

Taking Australia’s largest health insurance mobile

The Problem

With an evolving smartphone market, the client identified a need for a mobile strategy and delivery capability to target a younger demographic and address the gap in their user experience offering.

The private health insurance industry in Australia, provides coverage for approximately 45% of Australia’s population. Revenue of about $19bn annually is generated by insurers through premiums and the investment of premium reserves.

In the presence of increasing competition, an ageing membership and an evolving smart phone market Australia’s largest private health insurer identified the need for a mobile strategy and delivery capability. The strategy would target a younger tech savvy demographic and address the need for a mobile service offering.

Our Solution

Mobile client applications for iOS and Android, providing members with access to member services and data sourced from a variety of internal platforms over a mix of technologies and protocols.

Unico provided rapid prototyping services and thought leadership in relation to viable mobile application technologies and approaches to market. Once the solution architecture was defined, Unico, recognised for its software development expertise, was charged with delivering on a pivotal integration component.

The mobile client apps, running on iOS and Android, would need to access customer data available from a variety of internal sources over a mix of technologies and protocols. This integration component would expose a simple unified REST-like web API, absorbing all the complexity of back end integration, transformation and heavy lifting.

Implemented using Oracle Enterprise Java/ADF and Weblogic, and running in a highly available multi-node cluster, the business application server (BAS) handles mobile customer data requests for the submission of claims, the viewing of claims history, the review of members’ remaining claim limits, policy and membership information across the entire country.

The Benefit

A web-standard mobile API that simplifies user interface (UI) and client development cycles, improves customer experience, products and accessibility while building market share.

The benefits of this solution is a single unified business API which simplifies and shortens UI and client development cycles using industry standard web architectures which are well established and supported with tools.

With newly established relationships with Google and Apple, the entry into the mobile marketplace (Google Play/Marketplace, Apple App Store), gives the client a point from which to grow their presence which influences the current market perception in support of a strategy to target a younger demographic and to unify their customer service channels.

Operationally, the client benefits from access to a local, capable tailored support partner with Unico, with a flexible engagement model which helps them manage the largest part of the application lifecycle. As part of a continued partnership Unico now provides ongoing local technical support for the BAS and related technologies and applications.