Australian-first integration of MATRIXX Convergent Charging Solution

Unico successfully delivers first Australian integration of MATRIXX’ Convergent Charging solution in an Australian tier 1 service provider's network to deliver real-time mobile data usage alerts to millions of post-paid customers

The Challenge

The widespread penetration of smart phones and faster mobile network technologies have enabled subscribers to access a wide range of mobile data services at ever increasing speeds.

As these network speeds increase, keeping customers accurately informed on their usage has traditionally been a challenge for telecommunications operators. Until recently, data usage notifications were being delayed by up to 48 hours, providing a large window for possible excess usage, bill shock and customer dissatisfaction.

Our Solution

Leading the way in the Australian market, the service provider is revolutionising the way it delivers digital services to its customers in order to drive increased satisfaction and reduce operation and support costs. MATRIXX was selected for the real-time rating and charging platform as one of the pillar systems to enable this change.

Unico led the effort to integrate the MATRIXX platform into the service provider’s many applications and systems, from provisioning to self-care, notifications, assurance and billing/reporting. Unico developed a suite of integration adaptors that minimised changes to surrounding IT systems, thereby accelerating deployment and time to market.


The Benefit

A provisioning adaptor which integrates to consumer, business and enterprise activation and CRM systems to the MATRIXX engine without requiring changes to these systems

The benefits that have been realised so far from this work include:

Domestic and roaming data notifications are now being sent within seconds, where they were previously delayed up to 48 hours:

  • Within seconds of 50%, 85% and 100% data usage limits being breached
  • Within seconds of $50 increments of additional spend over the monthly allowance
  • Customer balances are now available on self-care channels and the 24×7 app in real-time, instead of the previous up-to 48-hour delay
  • Improved customer satisfaction through tools to find and rectify any customer experience issues Increased time to market through avoiding changes to CRM and billing systems
  • A seamless migration of customers to this new platform
  • A self care adaptor that enables fast self-care access to the real-time usage information in MATRIXX whilst consolidating self-care and interface business rules in one place to speed self- care system access and deployment
  • A notification enrichment adaptor to format and deliver tailored usage notifications to customers within seconds of usage and purchasing events taking place
  • An offline charging mediation solution to import offline international call records into the MATRIXX engine for processing and management like real- time call records
  • A billing and reporting mediation solution to enable MATRIXX event records to be a source for billing and reporting systems, without requiring changes on these billing and reporting systems
  • A big data analysis and reporting solution giving in- depth insight into system performance, customer experience, and business reports
  • Operational support of the adaptor suite, including alarms, backup, logs, and configuration


Grant Minchin

Grant Minchin

Principal Consultant

Grant brings over 20 years experience across big data, digital and telecommunications. His background spans Solution Architecture, Business Analysis, and Product Management, and is particularly focused on leveraging technology to meet customer needs and solve business problems.

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