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Secure and reliable international roaming on LTE 4G

The Problem

To become one of the first telecommunications providers in the world to offer and launch LTE (4G) roaming, our customer needed a specialist systems integrator to deploy and integrate a LTE traffic management solution across their complex international roaming mobile phone networks.

The telecommunications industry is an extremely competitive market and for our customer to remain an industry leader and retain market share, they need to continue to offer cutting edge technology to their customers.

With the roll out of the new LTE (4G) service, it became imperative to ensure that the enhanced service offered within in-country would still be available to the carrier’s customers travelling overseas.

Our Solution

The full complement of programme management and systems integration services that allow our customer and their international roaming partners to seamlessly integrate their networks to give their customers access to 4G LTE services while abroad.

With over 25 years of deploying software into complex telecommunications networks, Unico was tasked with the end-to-end integration of a third party Diameter Edge Agent (DEA) into the complex network environment of our customer.

The result for our customer was a fast, seamless integration of DEA capability into their network.

The Benefit

Enabling of global 4G IP services across an international network of carriers within six weeks instead of six months. Our customer now has a market-leading capability and the ability to integrate new LTE services quickly and without customer disruptions.

A task that would usually take six months was completed in six weeks.

This gave the consumer the ability to simply turn on their phone overseas and have access to all the settings and features of their home network. All the network facilities that they enjoy in-country are automatically linked, providing a seamless continuation of service.


Mark Hannon

Mark Hannon

Director Customer Solutions

Mark Hannon is the Head of Sales at Unico, leading his team through the sales cycle.

Mark brings with him a wealth of experience in leading technology business having held senior positions at Ericsson, Nokia and Alcatel-Lucent prior to joining Unico.