Zero growing pains for OptiComm as they automate and innovate their way to growth

As OptiComm's trusted technology partner, Unico devised a solution that would transform their Business and Operational support systems (B/OSS) so they could scale for planned growth.

At first glance, the innovative solution using a customised Microsoft dynamics 365 solution seemed an unconventional choice for a growing Telco, but with the insights Unico had gained by investing the time to understand OptiComm’s culture and goals, Unico were confident the solution was the best fit for their client.

The Problem

OptiComm is one of Australia’s leading independent telecommunications carriers, specialising in the design, construction, operation and maintenance of Fibre-to-the-Premises (FTTP) networks for residential and business developments.

Formed in 2005, they have already established a significant customer base which they expect to grow four-fold by 2023.

They came to Unico with the brief to build a replacement solution for their service providers, end-users and service desk that would support their planned customer growth.

The Solution

Unico and Opticomm jointly agreed on a number of initial steps required to kickstart the project:

The first, a strategic assessment outlining the ideal future state in terms of system architecture and information architecture for OptiComm.

The second was a recommendation to commence automation of key business processes via a customised Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Azure logic apps in a series of managed phases.

After an initial piece of scoping work presented to the networks team at OptiComm, Unico recommended to move ahead with the automation of three key business processes within Broadband and Telephone services including:

  • Connect
  • Disconnect
  • Modify

When evaluating technology platforms, rather than take the obvious path of recommending a bespoke system which would have been cost prohibitive and complex to implement and integrate, Unico recommended an unusual but innovative approach to build a core capability leveraging Microsoft standard platforms.

As part of the assessment phase, Unico noted the OptiComm workforce were already comfortable with Microsoft’s suite of business platforms and so extending this capability through Dynamics 365 would not require a big change management effort.

Through adding on Flow and Power apps, OptiComm could achieve a fully unified B2B capability that not only integrated with their business systems but extended to activation of the network elements via API.

The Benefit

“Having a technology agnostic provider look at what the solution really needed was a key part to driving the outcomes we needed. Unico assessed not only what technology was best suited to the business processes but also the culture of OptiComm which was equally important in adoption and scaling at pace.

Our original objective was to reach 90% automated provisioning and within three weeks we’re already at 80% for broadband.”

Ben Liew, Chief Network Officer, OptiComm.

There are several benefits for Opticomm in the proposed solution from Unico.


  • The automation of key business processes delivers a substantial reduction in manual effort and therefore existing headcount can scale to service future customer growth.
  • Automating the process also drastically increased the speed of processing service requests which in turn increases the likelihood of a great customer experience, a vital part to get right in a period of rapid growth.

Future phases will see further automation of business processes, a new fully integrated digital channel to end customers for ONT activation booking, financial transacting, and the end to end digitised mobile field service dispatch and processing.

The plan is to retire the legacy systems that served the business in the early days, enabling the business to efficiently grow, eliminating manual processes, providing business robustness and adaptability.


Mark Hannon

Mark Hannon

Director Customer Solutions

Mark Hannon is the Head of Sales at Unico, leading his team through the sales cycle.

Mark brings with him a wealth of experience in leading technology business having held senior positions at Ericsson, Nokia and Alcatel-Lucent prior to joining Unico.

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