Building value from business data

Movies on demand: Using analytics to improve user experience from pay to play

The Problem

Disconnected data streams prevented the identification of critical service delivery issues in online movies delivery; it was impossible to identify how many customers could not use the service they had paid for.

For increased business performance and management, the structures of large organisations are often highly segmented. Without the right technology platform this can be challenging when business segments are required to share information that relates to service delivery across the enterprise. It can be resource intensive and increase the margin for error, severely compromising business efficiencies and customer experience.

For our client, separate departments were responsible for managing different data relating to the delivery of online movie services. The departments didn’t share data or communicate with each other, making it difficult to manage service delivery effectively. As a result, management only became aware of technical issues associated with the online movie delivery when a customer complained. This made isolating technical issues difficult and resource intensive. It also led to revenue leakage because the organization had no way of verifying customer claims.

Our Solution

A reporting solution that mined and meshed together machine data from differing systems to deliver an end-to-end view of the online movie service delivery in near-real time.

As a pioneer leveraging the big data revolution for analytics solutions Unico created a framework, Designer AnalyticsTM, to locate and unlock the value of operational and business data amongst the vast amount of data generated by the organisation. Machine data was mined from systems in the chain and pieced together to deliver an end-to-end view of machine and application chatter associated with online movie delivery.

This information was then placed into context of the service delivery using customer data and activity. Our domain experts worked with the client to identify the high value data they possessed and strategies to leverage them.

The methodology revealed several other issues impacting business performance; uneven distribution of system loads for transactions, a decommissioned service consuming a third of system resources and longer customer waiting times than anticipated. Discovering these additional performance issues saved the client a costly capacity upgrade and valuable resources while highlighting the need for improved service delivery.

The Benefit

A concise picture of system performance enabling the client to act instantaneously. Weekly transactions were turned around in minutes, giving improved confidence with service delivery and increasing customer satisfaction and retention.

Problems in the service delivery chain that would have taken weeks to trace could now be identified in a matter of minutes.

This saved the company time and money, while increasing customer experience and improving customer retention rates.

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