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A mobile phone service provisioning platform for Australia’s largest telco

The Problem

The growth of mobile phone data usage and product offerings have increased the complexity of the mobile telecommunications network. A more efficient system was needed which could receive CRMS (Customer Relationship Management Systems) messaging and use the data to update network elements with the correct information while managing growing network complexity.

As mobile networks have grown they’ve continued to become more and more complex, collecting and managing mountains of data. If data isn’t synchronized with all the network elements or if features have been incorrectly activated then the services or features won’t work.

The need to manage the network more effectively drove the decision to implement a new network platform that could receive CRMS (Customer Relationship Management Systems) messaging and use that data to update other network elements with the correct data.

Our Solution

The Mediator was developed, a unique provisioning and geographically redundant system that detects and automatically fixes network errors and facilitates effective communication between platforms and the mainframe system, without affecting mainframe system functionality.

The Unico Mediator started as a simple protocol converter communicating with only a few types of devices, but has needed to evolve as more device types have been added, and as the products offered by the telco have become more complex. Many products now require the altering of settings on multiple network devices, and the problem is made harder by the fact the products are not independent of each other.

To cater for this a rule based system was added to the Mediator which could detect any inconsistencies in the current network provisioning and then fix the inconsistencies as it updates all the devices to apply new products.

The Unico Mediator has now evolved to be a multifaceted, flexible system that automatically repairs errors and facilitates complex network platform communications with the mainframes. The Mediator has delivered quantifiable customer service and financial benefits: Improvement in customer provisioning accuracy and efficiency.

The Benefit

This allowed the client to offer features and services to its customers that were unrivalled. It enables new network platforms to be quickly introduced, improving customer service, decreasing errors and facilitating new benefits for customers. The client became the first Telco to offer customers to WALK-IN to a retail store, select a mobile phone and plan and WALK- OUT with an active service, provided through the Mediator functionality.

The Mediator has been one of the most successful systems developed in the marketplace.

It enables provisioning of mobile customer services for more than 14 million customers and gives the client the flexibility to update platforms correctly and automatically with removal of errors as required.

The Mediator’s capability also extends to migration solutions: moving prepaid customers from an old prepaid system to new prepaid systems, migration of customers to new voicemail systems and mass bestowal of new features.

The Unico Mediator is an example of smart thinking which underpins everything that we do. Robust architecture is developed by people who understand both business and technology challenges and take pride in developing and integrating systems that are smart, practical and reliable.


Grant Minchin

Grant Minchin

Principal Consultant

Grant brings over 20 years experience across big data, digital and telecommunications. His background spans Solution Architecture, Business Analysis, and Product Management, and is particularly focused on leveraging technology to meet customer needs and solve business problems.

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