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The Problem

Our customer had decided to remove their mobile prepaid technology platform and migrate its 4 million customers to a new system. The migration needed to be achieved quickly, without the customer noticing any loss of service or money, and it needed to be done without any assistance from the provider of the old prepaid system.

Technology in the telecommunications market is constantly evolving. To retain its position as market leader our customer needed to offer the latest technology solutions for its prepaid customers, which included a new platform with greater mobile phone flexibility and features. A significant challenge, not met by any of the major system vendors, was the migration of customers from the old system to the new.


Our Solution

Unico designed and implemented a migration process to handle each customer’s migration safely and easily, ensuring that they were not making a call while being transferred from one system to another.

The migration had to be completed speedily to ensure no additional licensing cost was incurred for the old prepaid system. However, a major design requirement of the migration process was the need to migrate customers progressively, ensuring that the new system was not swamped.

Unico’s deep knowledge of networks, telephony, provisioning and billing systems allowed Unico to devise a smart solution that would meet the stringent migration requirements.

The initial challenge was to extract all data from the old platform and migrate it to the new platform, then update the relevant network elements so that future calls would be managed by the new platform. If a call was in progress while the transfer was being undertaken, the transferred balance would be incorrect on the new system.

Unico devised a method which guaranteed correct transfer by checking that calls were not in progress, setting the network so that no calls were possible, transferring, and then reinstating calling capability using the new platform. For only 3 seconds the customers were unable to make a call. Problem solved!

It became apparent, however that there was a further problem; the new platform only had limited capacity to take on new subscribers, making it necessary to throttle the transfer process. To ensure the new system was not overwhelmed with data, whilst still meeting the time frame to avoid cost penalties, Unico developed a system to trap inter-system messages and control the flow of migration.

The Benefit

A successful migration of data was completed on time and within budget, with the seamless transfer of four million customers to the new prepaid system without any inconvenience.

Over 4 million customers were seamlessly transferred to a new prepaid system, blissfully unaware of the changes to complex network systems.


Mark Hannon

Mark Hannon

Director Customer Solutions

Mark Hannon is the Head of Sales at Unico, leading his team through the sales cycle.

Mark brings with him a wealth of experience in leading technology business having held senior positions at Ericsson, Nokia and Alcatel-Lucent prior to joining Unico.

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