Seamless technology migrations

Message bank migration for Australia’s largest telco

The Problem

Transitioning to a more sophisticated and cost effective voicemail platform, while minimising customer inconvenience and preventing loss of valuable voicemails during the process.

As leaders in the telecommunications sphere our client constantly explores new technologies that will increase their service offerings and business efficiencies. As a part of their continuous improvement strategy the client needed to transition from an outdated voicemail platform to a more sophisticated and cost effective one.

Simply redirecting calls to the new voicemail platform would have been inadequate; there may still have been messages left on the old voicemail platform. Customers would need to be able to access their old voicemail platform (as well as the new one), but only for a limited time and only while there were messages there.

Our Solution

A seamless migration from one vendor’s voicemail platform to another using Unico’s Intelligent Network (IN) and Mediator platforms.

Unico had all the building blocks to provide an efficient mechanism:

  • The IN supported “Multiple Destinations” where a call could go first to one destination and then to another. This could be used to direct calls to the old mailbox then the new.
  • The Messagebank platforms already informed the IN when there were messages waiting.
  • The Mediator supported provisioning of network elements to know how they had to operate.

A judicious reuse of these capabilities gave our client the ability to handle any request, retrieving messages from multiple platforms. The results were exceptional.

The Benefit

Increased business efficiencies and cost savings while allowing customers to use the latest technologies without any disruptions or data loss.

Handling over 60 million voicemails per day, not a single voicemail was lost during the transition.

The cost effective solution helped further cement the client as the leader in the telecommunications marketplace by providing leading edge technology products and services for their customers in a short timeframe with no inconvenience.

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