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How Feed Melbourne were able to run a successful campaign

The Problem

A major fundraising campaign needed a website presence that would be a central point to raise funds, disseminate information, generate awareness, engage the community and encourage participation.

An estimated two million Australians were forced to turn to charity for basic food requirements last year and there is a growing number of “working poor” who are struggling to stretch their household budget far enough to feed their families.

It’s not just the homeless; it’s our elderly, the unemployed, asylum seekers and people struggling with mental health issues. It’s a huge problem that is usually associated with developing countries rather than our own community in Australia and fund raising has been an ongoing uphill battle for local charities.

Feed Melbourne is an annual campaign by Victorian food charity FareShare with the aim of assisting over 300 local charities feed the increasing number of people in our community seeking help.

Critical to the success of this coordinated strategy however, was an online presence and secure donations platform in the lead up to the 2012 campaign. Fareshare turned to Unico for help with a design brief that included tight timelines and a fixed end date. Unico responded pro bono, building the modern, engaging and user friendly ‘Feed Melbourne 2012’ community portal.

Our Solution

A modern, clean and concise website that that met all campaign goals and was easily updated by staff over the course of the campaign to remain current and engaging.

This website created streamlines the process of donation regardless of the method of payment. Fully secured through SSL certificate protocol, it forms the basis for the campaign’s online presence and plays an integral role in the success of donation collection. Receipts and company registrations allow easy tax deduction calculations for donators, and the social networking and engaging style of the site promotes engagement and community appreciation for participants.

The Benefit

The website integrated seamlessly with other campaign efforts allowing an increase in donations received and improved communication of outcomes into the public domain.

“Unico were a delight to work with and gave us a website that was delivered on time and met all our goals of the campaign. Unico provided a site that we, (not being technical people) could update easily over the course of the campaign, which was extremely important to our stakeholders.” said Marcus Godinho, CEO FareShare.

Every dollar raised through the Feed Melbourne initiative goes directly to feeding those in need in our community. Knowing that these charities are benefitting from an extensive and easy to maintain community portal that allows them to focus less on fund raising and more on actually feeding those in need is something Unico is very proud of.

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