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Business IT system remediation solution for Victoria’s largest electricity distributor

The Problem

Reliability issues and integrity errors in data transactions between critical business IT systems were causing data loss and corruption. This was placing increasing demands on staff time through intensive manual reconciliation and restoration, impacting business confidence and daily business efficiencies.

Increasing competition and price pressure in energy delivery and services have led energy distributors to exploit leading edge technologies to enable cost-effective, high-availability and real time business and market information to better compete on price and service.

CitiPower supplies electricity to more than 310,000 distribution customers in Melbourne’s CBD and inner suburbs, operating among the most reliable urban and rural electricity networks in Australia. Powercor Australia is Victoria’s largest electricity distributor, supplying electricity to regional and rural centres in central and western Victoria, and Melbourne’s outer western suburbs for approximately 700,000 distribution customers.

CitiPower/Powercor built an integration platform to manage high volumes of data transactions between their metering, market and customer business systems. Reliability issues and integrity errors in data transactions however were impacting business confidence and efficiencies on a daily basis. It was also clear that a strategy was needed to future proof data transactions as data volumes are on a steep growth curve driven by aggressive business IT sophistication.

Our Solution

A review of a key integration platform identified a number of technical recommendations to address stability issues. A long-term roadmap to future proof against the increasing demands for real-time business data and evolution of the platform architecture was recommended.

As one of Oracle’s most experienced implementation partners in the region with particularly extensive experience with Oracle Fusion Middleware, Unico was able to address the issues around data transaction management and create future proofing strategies to cope with the increase data loads.

Unico focused on the core technology stack and architecture, while gaining the necessary understanding of business context and network connectivity. Unico was then able to identify performance issues and provide sound recommendations to restore data transaction integrity that would ensure medium term predictability and confidence for the business with real time data transactions. A robust road-map was also proposed for improving long-term architectural design and best-practice evolution of the business technology to cope with increasing demands.

The Benefit

Predicted increase in business efficiencies including a doubling of platform capacity, a reduction of the platform maintenance window by up to 90%. A roadmap of remediation initiatives intended to restore data transaction integrity and restore business confidence in real time data transactions was also delivered.

Unico delivered a roadmap of initiatives that would dramatically increase business efficiencies with a doubling of platform capacity and reduction of the platform maintenance window by up to 90%, and elimination of incomplete or stranded transactions (several hundred per day), releasing 3 to 4 staff from the intensive and extremely expensive and error prone manual reconciliation and restoration obligations.

The strategy will eliminate most unplanned outages, smooth the profile and lower database latency and resource usage, and provide operational control over interfaces in outage events that may still occur.


John Bentham

John Bentham

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