A successful history - over 20 years of providing intelligent network systems for Australia’s leading telco

As mobile phone ownership took off in Australia, leading telcos needed cost-effective value-added services to secure market share.

The Challenge

As mobile telecommunication popularity reached everyday Australians, leading telecommunication providers needed to deliver cost effective value added services to secure their market share.

Over 25 years ago our client identified the need to offer advanced services to their customers to capture majority market share, however these services were unavailable from standard industry solutions.

Our Solution

Development and deployment of an Intelligent Network (IN) platform into the basic network infrastructure that became the ‘go to market enabler’ allowing the speedy introduction of value adding services; new services could be introduced using the IN while still years away on the mainstream manufacturer’s roadmap.

Unico developed a core Intelligent Networking (IN) capability that allowed the client to introduce a growing family of value added products and services. The Unico IN was the first IN available to run on ‘off the shelf’ hardware rather than propriety hardware.

Unico has provided numerous IN services to the client ever since, supporting more and more mobile services as technologies and markets have emerged. It began with Fleetswitch in 1990 which offered call control facilities to corporate clients wishing to provide employees with mobile phones. This control ensured employees would only be able to use the mobile phone for uses specified by the employer.

In 1993, Unico developed the VICON system which provided voicemail services for the analogue mobile network. This was enormously successful for our client and led to a massive increase in call volumes.

The Benefit

At its peak usage the profit generated by VICON was recovering its development costs every 3 days.

Over the following years the client trialled many new services using the Unico IN, in the knowledge that the trials were quick and cost effective to install due to the flexible Unico platform. The core platform has continued to develop ever since and now hosts many services such as VPN, Special Call discounting, Call Control, Voicemail, and dozens more.

This long-term partnership has enabled our client to take products to market quickly and in a cost effective manner due to the flexibility and design of the Unico IN platform.

The Unico IN platform is built using standard ‘off the shelf’ hardware and today continues to perform its role as a flexible, geo-redundant and fully scalable solution successfully providing services to over 14 million users Australia-wide.


Grant Minchin

Grant Minchin

Principal Consultant

Grant brings over 20 years experience across big data, digital and telecommunications. His background spans Solution Architecture, Business Analysis, and Product Management, and is particularly focused on leveraging technology to meet customer needs and solve business problems.

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