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30 years’ experience in developing wagering platforms

The Problem

Aging systems and rapidly changing technology required solutions that could solve on course wagering market growth.

Unico personnel have been providing technology solutions and consulting services to the wagering industry, nationally and internationally since the 1970’s. High profile projects include the implementation of telephone betting systems for the Royal Hong Kong Jockey Club (RHKJC) and development of the Autotote system in the USA.

In 1980, Unico architects were involved in the development of the Victorian On-course Totaliser System (VOTS). VOTS acted as the controlling node for a network of cooperating totalisator systems: VOTS combined the money wagered on course (its own ‘pools’) with money wagered at Victorian TAB outlets and accumulated by the Victorian TAB’s totalisator system, and with money wagered at interstate TABs and accumulated by their own systems. VOTS calculated the ‘dividends’ then reconciled the money owing to and from each TAB.

When it was developed, the VOTS system was owned by the Victorian Racing Clubs. The VRC regarded the TAB (Totalisator Agency Board) as merely their ‘Agent’. The reality was, however, that the TAB wagering turnover was far greater than the on course wagering turnover. The TAB purchased the VOTS system, but the mode of operation continued with VOTS continuing as the controlling node for multi-state wagering.

The TAB’s off-course totalisator system was having difficulty coping with increasing demands placed on it during the Spring Racing Carnival, and the TAB sought to replace it and the VOTS system with a single system.

Our Solution

A cost effective solution that extended the life of existing IT systems and avoided the significant costs of purchasing a replacement system.

Unico demonstrated that the cost of making an off-the-shelf system handle existing wagering terminals would be more than the cost of upgrading VOTS to perform the off-course functionality, so the decision was taken to upgrade VOTS.

Unico performed the upgrade and the new system, renamed BRAVO, remains in operation to this day, 32 years from the original development of VOTS.

The Benefit

Upgrading a system that was already owned was significantly cheaper than purchasing a new system, especially when the purchased system would have needed customisation to handle the existing wagering terminals.

It has been upgraded continually since its renaming. Unico has provided support for some of the more significant upgrades, including the extension to operate the NSW TAB when TABcorp purchased it.


John Bentham

John Bentham

Director of Professional Services

John is responsible for all aspects relating to the delivery of quality solutions to Unico's customers. To ensure Unico continue to meet the needs of their customers, John also oversees the evolution of our capabilities for Solution Delivery in line with current and future customer requirements.