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Helping our customers enhance their business through leading Salesforce technology as a Salesforce partner.


Seamless transition from legacy systems

Our team can help you with all your Salesforce needs. We will support you migrating from legacy systems to Salesforce products with seamless integration. As a Salesforce partner, our team are experienced with data migration and quality and can also support you with:

SAFe Agile = faster go to market

We operate under a SAFe Agile framework that enables our team to collaborate and get your product or service to market sooner. Our SAFe coaches are experienced with a cloud first approach and their agile ways of working result in increased competence, knowledge, team performance, improved organisational governance, innovation opportunities and reduce time to market.

Our team are industry agnostic and have significant experience within the racing and wagering industry, telecommunications and government.

Salesforce partner

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Ramnik Singh

Business Development Manager