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Unico welcomes Roland Thomas as CEO of uSpark & JourneyHub

John Rowland, Managing Director Unico is pleased to announce the appointment of Thomas (Tom) Crawford as Chief Financial Officer of the company. This follows the announcement that David Goode will be stepping into a strategic advisor role assessing investments for Unico and uSpark.

Unico welcomes Roland Thomas as CEO of uSpark & JourneyHub

20 October 2021

We are excited to announce the appointment of Roland Thomas to the position of CEO uSpark and JourneyHub.

Commenting on the appointment, John Rowland, Managing Director said “Roland has been a member of the uSpark board since its inception, and I am excited for him to transition into the role of CEO of both uSpark and JourneyHub. He has a wealth of experience within both the technology industry and start up space and will be an invaluable asset to Unico, uSpark and JourneyHub. I look forward to watching the businesses develop and grow under his leadership”.

Roland Thomas said “I am excited to continue the fantastic work of the uSpark team and I am dedicated to the strategy and execution required to turn ideas into businesses with uSpark’s novel partnering model. uSpark realises both internal insights and innovation as well as a growing cohort of external founders with a unique blend of the technical horsepower of Unico, a collegiate innovation culture and an understanding of how tech companies work”.

Roland is also excited to take JourneyHub to the next level with careful attention to strategy, execution, and financing whilst enabling customers to fluidly move through CBD locations and high-density areas.

Roland Thomas, CEO uSpark & JourneyHub

Roland Thomas

Roland joins Unico with over 35 years of leadership experience supporting software businesses and start-ups to navigate the strategic, operational, and financial challenges they face as they grow. He has experience in IP rich sectors including Product Lifecycle Management, Statistics, Safety and Reliability, Manufacturing Analytics, and Fintech. Roland has led both public and private businesses in the USA and Australia as well as holding several corporate and not for profit board positions.

The company’s story began in Melbourne as a successful private bootstrapped company before he led a buy-out bringing venture investment, first in Australia and then in the USA. This enabled the company to develop and move its corporate infrastructure to the USA before its NASDAQ IPO. Moldflow was ultimately sold to Autodesk [NASDAQ:ADSK] in 2008. Roland joined the young 5 person company in 1982 as the first developer beyond the founder, and concluded being Chairman, President and CEO of Moldflow Corp [NASDAQ:MFLO] from 2002 until 2008 when it was sold to Autodesk [NASDAQ: ADSK]. At that stage Moldflow was a Boston based engineering software company with over 300 people in operations throughout the globe. Its customers were the world’s largest electronics, automotive, medical and chemical companies.

John Rowland

Managing Director