Using workplace technology to engage your workforce

How companies are using workplace technology to engage their workforce and encourage them back into the office.

Using workplace technology to engage your workforce

31 May 2021

Earlier this month we hosted a face to face executive luncheon on the future of workplaces and workplace technology. Attendees included executives from LinkedIn, MYOB, Seek, Colliers, and leading universities.

The discussion was focused on how attendees were using workplace technology to engage workforces and encourage them back into the office. The five key takeaways were:

1) A data-centric approach to building management
Real-time data can help property managers and landlords fully understand how a building and its systems are used which can enable proactive maintenance.

2) Enhancing user experience through one platform helps create an easier back to work journey
One platform is needed to streamline workforce management and keep staff engaged and invested in the workplace experience.

3) Automating & accelerating inefficient workplace processes
Automating inefficient manual processes helps property operators and businesses optimise space usage and work more efficiently.

4) Keeping data safe, secure & private
User data must be anonymised and protected to give employers and employees reassurance around how their data is stored and utilised.

5) PropTech a passing phase or the bedrock of a new normal?
COVID-19 has accelerated PropTech adoption, but SMART tech demand will continue as generations become increasingly digitally native and tech-savvy.

So, what is the solution? A central platform that integrates company applications and COVID Safe technology in one place. To find out more visit

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Ramnik Singh

Business Development Manager