At last, Dick Tracy can step out from the realm of fantasy using an Apple Watch Series 4 on Australia’s largest telecoms network.

Through a technology partnership between the telecommunications provider and Unico, the MEWS (Mobile Entitlement and Websheet Server) platform was created to enable this new mobile experience.

The eSIM solution introduces the ability for customers to use the built-in cellular capability of their new Apple Watch Series 4 (GPS + Cellular), so now Dick Tracy can leave his iPhone at home when he is out and about solving a case.  Thanks to MEWS he’ll still be connected to Australia’s biggest mobile network for phone calls and messages via his wearable device.

Unico’s technology has provided a host of enablers for this service, including management of customer entitlements and CRM integration. MEWS encompasses the customer-facing screens that enable the sign-up process, the entitlements and database systems plus mediator protocols which apply updates to various systems across the telecoms network.

The MEWS project included provisioning and enabling the eSIM (embedded SIM) for the Apple Watch to download, and updating the network to allow the Apple Watch to connect as well as network updates to allow the Apple Watch and iPhone to operate with the innovative ‘shared number’ service underlying the product.  The partnership also delivered eSIM (embedded SIM) technology to the Australian mass consumer market for the first time.

During the project, the Unico team solved a sizeable number of technical challenges that came with integrating brand new technology into an existing national network within an accelerated timeframe and received praise for delivering the most seamless experience for the pairing process out of any vendor. MEWS seamlessly handles multiple edge case scenarios such as lost settings, refresh broken entitlements and timeouts with a polished user experience to match.

Unico’s Managing Director said, “We are very pleased to have been a strategic partner on this important project and delighted that our MEWS product was able to meet the needs of a world-class telecommunications provider.”


Unico looks forward to future eSIM integration projects as we continue to solve Australia’s biggest software and technology challenges.

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