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Unico has successfully integrated & deployed the MATRIXX Convergent Charging solution to deliver real-time mobile data usage alerts to millions of post-paid customers.

Unico architected, developed and deployed a sophisticated integration solution that minimised changes to surrounding IT systems, thereby accelerating deployment and reducing our customer’s time to market.

Unico’s highly available, geographically redundant solution integrates the MATRIXX Convergent Charging solution to the carrier’s activation and CRM systems without requiring any changes to those systems. In addition, the solution integrates into digital self-care systems which reduces complexity and the number of integration points in the self-care channel

As part of the end to end delivery, Unico designed and deployed a big data reporting solution that provides the carrier with in-depth insight into system performance, customer experience, and business metrics.

The successful delivery of the solution provides the carrier’s customers with a real-time view of their data usage through a number of self-care digital channels. Prior to the deployment of the Unico/MATRIXX solution all subscriber usage tracking and notifications could be up to 48 hours late. Furthermore, this solution enables the carrier to deliver highly accurate international roaming usage notifications satisfying newly introduced regulatory requirements around timely alerts aimed at preventing bill shock.

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David Leversha

David Leversha

Service Operations Manager

David manages the operational support teams that underpin products and services across a diverse customer base through the development, integration, governance and execution of key service management processes.