Big Data Technology

Nearly everything we do today leaves a digital tell-tale: Where we go. What we read. Who we talk to. What we buy. What we view. All of this data is being recorded and stored. The Big Data is a convergence of digital technologies that simultaneously enable us to create insane amounts of content and allow us to store and process, in real time, massive amounts of a variety of data.


On the highest level, that inspires the greatest minds, Big Data can potentially solve the biggest challenges of humanity, on not just a Smart City or Government level, but in terms that affect the future of our entire planet and beyond.


In practice, very few enterprises will have access to real big data in the 3V sense. Instead, almost every enterprise can benefit from using this cost-effective, open architecture technology to store and easily access a variety of data to generate analytics and decisions for more accurate marketing, more profitable sales and optimised operations.


While Unico’s Big Data solution is all about tangible and measurable business outcomes, it starts with imagining what’s possible: vision and inspiration.


Unico Big Data Solution

Implementing the Big Data infrastructure with Unico as a partner is an easy first step towards a better future for your organisation.

Domain Expertise

Big Data is driven by the demand for high volume, variety, velocity and availability of data. It’s not simply an evolution in data warehousing. While data-driven business decisions are the end-game, the value of a Big Data platform starts with strategic business discovery and quality architecture.

Unico Big Data Process & Ecosystem

As a software services company, with deep knowledge of enterprise IT, Unico has exceptional expertise in creating elegant and robust Big Data solutions. We leverage our global technology ecosystem to addresses specific business and industry challenges to deliver a competitive edge.

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