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Unico now the most experienced F5 DRA systems integrator in the region

In October 2012 a team of Unico Architects headed to Tel Aviv for intensive, detailed training on the F5/Traffix Diameter Routing platform.

F5/Traffix develops Diameter Signaling Solutions and is quickly becoming a major contributor to the global telecom market.

The two and a half weeks our team spent in Israel was a huge success, giving Unico a unique inside knowledge of the F5/Traffix organization, while building personal relationships with Traffix staff.

The training and newly established contact network will assist Unico in future Diameter routing infrastructure projects and opportunities.

We’ve already successfully implemented a Diameter Edge Agent (DEA) for a leading telecommunication provider in Australia, and we’re working hard with F5/Traffix to convert another 2 major opportunities with other Australian Telco’s into an implementation and integration project.

Unico is the only System Integrator in the Oceania region to have successfully integrated a F5/Traffix DEA platform into an existing network.

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