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Mission-critical IT services must be backed by local commitment. With this in mind, Unico seals its long-term commitment to New Zealand customers by registering a New Zealand company, Unico Computer Systems NZ Ltd.

This move has been brought about by the local demand for Unico’s specialist solutions to support growth and monetisation of mobile networks, where agile business decisions, customer experience and an unbreakable platform are mission-critical.

“New Zealand is a highly innovative marketplace, with resourceful companies doing a lot of development internally. This is where our deep expertise, established over nearly 30 years of doing innovative development within large Australian telcos will be invaluable,” said by Managing Director of Unico.

He further commented that Unico has identified a number of opportunities to back up local telcos with the implementation of agile technologies and thought leadership to support their growth and acquisition strategies.

Unico has already dedicated specialist resources to explore new strategies of its NZ customers around their specific goals to leverage new technologies and existing deep telecommunications IT capabilities, including:

  • Real-time charging – that enhances customer experience;
  • Policy controls – such as parental control and connected car; and,
  • Network monetisation through value-add wholesale services.

“Our innovative customers across New Zealand are set to gain an unfair advantage over their rivals from utilising our specialist IT capabilities. In a small marketplace like New Zealand this advantage will be hard to beat and hard to catch up to for others,” said by Sales Director of Unico.

“We are bringing to New Zealand a suite of innovative solutions, already tested in the adjacent, Australian market. Because today, no one organization has all the best answers – Unico constantly identifies and partners with providers of leading digital technologies, including Big Data, real-time charging, policy controls and other exciting IoT-based solutions that help monetise IT, and especially telecom networks,” he further commented.