Cyber Security

Before we’ve even had a chance to address existing cybersecurity issues, new and more sophisticated cyber-attacks are emerging out of the woodwork.

Namely the unprecedented malware attack ‘WannaCry’ who really did make around 200,000 want to cry by the time it had swept through the UK, China, Russia and US and 140 more countries.

The silver lining in this is that it’s again brought to the forefront of the business world a pressing issue, which is the importance of Cyber Security.

With growing volume and sophistication, attacks can happen any time and in a matter of minutes, exposing you to a very vulnerable reality, losing sensitive business information and almost certainly with a cost and time ramification.

So how do you ensure you keep your business cyber safe?

5 tips to protect your Organisation

Process and People:

Your business is as secure and strong as your weakest link, and despite the best intentions, humans are prone to human error. Working with multiple people, departments and vendors inevitably lead to higher exposure to risk if security processes aren’t followed. Here are some areas that can help to deal with cyber threats:

  • Training and Risk culture: The organization should promote a sense of shared responsibility in security amongst employees and identify its own unique learning styles and implement the appropriate initiatives.
  • Controls and Measurement: The business should be able to detect odd behaviour that may indicate early signs of cyber-crime. Analytics can help spot activities that seem out of the ordinary.
  • Operating Model: Cybersecurity must work well across the organization. The right operating model bridges various departments within the business.
  • Resilience: A resiliency plan, which includes elements such as event response, communications, crisis management, detection, threat identification and operational monitoring, can help minimize losses in the event of a breach.


It goes without saying that Firewalls have been the first line of defence in network security for as long as anyone can remember. They establish a barrier between secured and controlled internal networks that can be trusted from untrusted outside networks. The Firewall can be software, hardware or a combination, and will prevent unauthorized access to or from a network or a system.

Secure Connectivity:

Secure protocols should be used for all communications between systems and over a computer network. Using protocols such as HTTPS and Security Certificates means all communication between clients such as mobile apps or web applications and the server is encrypted. The traffic will not be visible for attackers to sniff valuable data such as credit card or personal details. The secure protocols also ensure that only known clients are using the services.

Anti Virus:

Cybercriminals are always looking for ways to compromise data security in the form of a virus or malware often under the guise of “phishing” emails. Anti-Virus and Protective Security Software would offer real-time protection through regular scanning to help detect suspicious programs and stop them before any harmful infecting can happen.

Protect the Data:

Data that is stored on the system should be encrypted so that in the event of data leakage, the information is still protected. The regular back up to an offline data storage would help recover the valuable information in case of a ransomware attack. You would back up your phone, laptop and business presentation, this is no different.

Cyber-attacks are always looking for ways to get around basic safety measures, so if your business is privy to private intel, it is important to let IT professionals handle your security.

Looking at IT firms who are not only partnered with leading tech providers but also have a track record of long-standing experience in delivering sophisticated, real-time, and high performing solutions is a good start. Even better when they can back it up with case studies that demonstrate their ability to offer security solutions across small, medium and large businesses.

So look out for IT firms with capabilities in delivering real-time detection of security risks, advanced data analytics tools to identify patterns and predict the next move and the ability to customize the threat analysis and handling of attacks to allow your business to take quick and effective actions.

As a business, you would protect your physical property against intruders, theft and anything that would disrupt your business. In the same way, cybersecurity serves the same purpose and therefore is as important. We live in an economy that relies more and more on data and information carried through cyberspace, so let WannaCry be the wake-up call we all needed and safeguard your business now.

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