Big Data

Big Data is not reserved just for organisations with vast amount of data. In practice, every enterprise can benefit from using this cost effective, open architecture technology to store and easily access a variety of data to generate analytics and decisions for more accurate marketing, more profitable sales and optimised operations.


Implementing Big Data infrastructure is the first step towards success, based on a sharper strategy and better, more predictable decisions.


Why Unico is Your Ideal Big Data Solution Partner

Domain Expertise

Big Data is driven by the demand for high volume, variety, velocity and availability of data. It’s not an evolution in data warehousing. While data-driven business decisions are the end-game, the value of a Big Data platform starts with a strategic discovery and quality architecture. For over 30 years Unico’s IT innovation has been at the core of the mobile networks evolution in Australia.  We have an unmatched depth of expertise in integrating new technologies to process, make sense of and commercial decisions from a large volume of data in the environment of mobile telecommunications.  Now, there is a technology that makes it easier, more effective and will bring even more benefits to our customers. We have embraced it as a natural evolution of our services.


Unico Big Data Process & Ecosystem

As a software services company, with deep knowledge of enterprise IT, Unico has exceptional expertise in creating elegant and robust Big Data solutions. We leverage our global technology ecosystem to addresses specific business and industry challenges to deliver a competitive edge.



Unico Big Data Industry Solutions

Unico’s Big Data expertise is reinforced by 30 years of delivering carrier-grade IT solutions where high availability and security of data are mission critical. This pedigree is an ideal fit for:



  • Network optimisation
  • Customer Experience Management
  • Location-based enterprise services


Finance and Insurance

  • Pay as you drive Insurance
  • Fraud detection
  • Financial risk analysis


Utilities and Infrastructure

  • Solar usage analysis
  • Smart meter analysis


Public Sector

  • Infrastructure planning & management
  • Fraud detection / Tax evasion
  • Social media analysis for threat detection


Media and Digital Enterprise

  • Targeted advertising
  • Customer experience management
  • Brand and reputation analysis
  • Purchase recommendations

Ask us about the examples of Millions of Dollars in savings, new revenue Unico Big Data solutions has generated for major telco, tollways and infrastructure companies.


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Your Big Data solutions contact

John Bentham

John Bentham

Director of Professional Services

John is responsible for all aspects relating to the delivery of quality solutions to Unico's customers. To ensure Unico continue to meet the needs of their customers, John also oversees the evolution of our capabilities for Solution Delivery in line with current and future customer requirements.