Designing Business and Operational Support Systems (B/OSS) That Scale For Growth : OptiComm

Unico recently finished phase 2 of its OCSS integration with Australia’s largest privately owned FTTP network solution provider.

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Lifting the lid On Intrapreneurs

Three factors that are holding your business’s internal innovation back. A better way to encourage Intrapreneurship within your organisation.

Three ways Super Funds can drive customer engagement and strengthen governance practices

As customer expectations continue to rise, Super Funds need to incorporate new technologies into their offerings.

Four ways to protect your investment in IoT from cybersecurity threats

Technology Evangelist Andrew Davison breaks down how you can protect your IoT infrastructure from cyber attack.

FX – Customer experience model for foreign currency and international payments

A sophisticated end to end customer experience business model that segmented customers in the correct channel and identified key pain points.

Efficient and flexible tolling on a global scale

A tolling solution that consolidated best practice from 15 years of toll road operations across seven roads in three jurisdictions into a single platform.

Open for business COVID-19 update

We are committed to servicing you and your business-critical IT infrastructure and remain fully operational.

Building conservation through e-commerce

Integrating social media and SEO efficient designs have contributed to an audience reach of over 5 million people that led to more than $2 million of free media coverage.

Movies on demand: Using analytics to improve user experience from pay to play

Unico created the Designer Analytics™ framework to locate and unlock the value of operational and business data amongst the vast amount of data generated by the organisation.

Proving the authenticity of Australian meat products using blockchain technology: Meat & Livestock Association (MLA)

How Unico helped the Australian red meat industry establish if blockchain technology could be used to encourage supply chain traceability.

Creating a one-to-one customer experience through SFMC: Cargill Australia

How Unico helped a global food provider communicate more directly with Australian farmers using Salesforce Marketing Cloud (SFMC).

Developing Australia’s first eSIM solution for wearable device compatibility: uPair

One SIM, one number, one service. An eSIM (embedded SIM) solution that allows Australians to use the built-in cellular capability of their Apple Watch (GPS + Cellular).

Designing business and operational support systems that scale for growth: OptiComm

How Unico are helping Australia’s largest privately-owned provider of Fibre-to-the Premises (FTTP) network solutions.

Maximising ROI on automated marketing campaigns through data cleansing: Melbourne Racing Club

How Unico helped Melbourne Racing Club regain trust in their customer data by building a custom data extension.

Building a bulletproof digital voting platform & website: The All-Star Mile

How we designed a secure and scalable digital voting platform for Australia’s only fan voted race.

Reducing maintenance windows by up to 90%: CitiPower

How Unico delivered a roadmap of initiatives that would dramatically increase business efficiencies and platform capacity.