Sports, Gaming & Leisure

Sports, Gaming & Leisure

High performance technology solutions for sports, gaming and leisure 


Grow your game with technology

Expand your audience into new segments and deliver in-depth customer experiences via integrated technology platforms.

Marketing automation & sales tech

Unico help drive real-time customer engagement across you physical locations and digital channels through the use of marketing automation technology. We partner with you to create personalised entertainment experiences that boost revenue and thrill your players, spectators and consumers.


Regulation and integrity

We help consolidate, analyse and gain insights from your data to help optimise your business functions and make informed decisions. We understand the unique problems the industry faces and provide analytical solutions that address your specific needs such as data anonymisation and pseueudonymisation, AI and ML, morphological analysis and process orchestration.

Custom digital platforms and products

We build practical systems leveraging expertise in digital, data, machine learning and trusted transactions in order to craft tailored user experiences that help solve your most complex business problems.

Unico will drive your business’ transition, transformation, cleansing and reconciliation of its data platforms. We make the most complex data platform and data transitions manageable, reliable and transparent.


We can help you

  • Digital transformation and process digitisation
  • Marketing automation
  • IT integration
  • Data integration and management
  • Digital platforms and products

Our capabilities

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