Unico is an Australian IT services company driven by the brightest minds of handpicked specialists in technology and innovation. Continue reading below to find out who we are and what we do.

We are Unico

Unico is an Australian IT services company, specialising in intelligent solutions to the most complex challenges facing businesses.

Unico is recognised for IT innovation in telecommunications, having built massive systems that unfailingly run one of the largest mobile networks in Australia.

Unico creates unmatched business value in real-time, high volume, high availability environments, where agile Decisions, Customer Experience and an Unbreakable Platform are mission-critical.

Unico is headquartered in Melbourne, Australia, with projects deployed throughout the APAC Region.

What we do

Established in 1984, Unico is privately owned, with a multidisciplinary team of 250+ technology and business professionals.

Unico works with leading Telcos, enterprises and digital start-ups on disruptive trajectories, who depend on intelligent and robust IT to support their growth strategy.

We specialise in:

  • Complex System Integrations Specialist
  • Suite of Specialist Mobile Network Solutions
  • Big Data Architecture & Analytics Design
  • IT Capability Uplift & Transformation
  • Technology Roadmap Strategy
  • UX / UI Driven Custom Applications and Dashboards
  • Value Add Customer Self-Service Platforms
  • Tollways and Smart Meter Charging Systems
  • Managed IT and Big Data Services

In a hyper-connected world we differentiate and enable our customers to compete through technology.

Our Future: Powered by Intelligent IT

John Rowland
Managing Director
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I’m fortunate to lead an organisation with a continuous track record of delivering truly differentiating technology solutions and building enduring partnerships with industry-leading clients and vendors since 1984. We are driven by Integrity, Passion and Intellect. This is our DNA. It defines everything we do - Welcome to Unico.

For over 30 years Unico has been the best kept secret in Australian IT innovation. Our multi-disciplined and rapidly growing team of committed business and information technology professionals thrives on solving complex and emerging information technology problems to make a real difference to our customers.

Leading blue chip companies, and, increasingly, new players who are on disruptive technological trajectories, call on Unico to provide intelligent IT solutions where the best of breed is simply not enough.

These innovative business technology solutions have created world-first wagering and tolling systems. The systems we built for Telstra at the beginning of the mobile journey in this country continue to be unbreakable even in the ever growing market. Over 100 million calls per day and almost every SMS and voice call to a Telstra mobile phone goes through a system developed by Unico.

As Telstra’s technology partner since the 1980s, we’ve helped them take advantage of successive generations of technology and launch market-leading products and services to reinforce their leading marketing position. Unico is famous for IT solutions in telecommunication sector and these capabilities are now being recognised by organisations across the connected world, from Healthcare to Banking and Financial Services, to Utilities and e-Commerce.

We offer a full lifecycle of services from technical consulting through to tailored support, and a growing range of turnkey business solutions that help our clients to do more with less.

We continuously invest in new ways to provide intelligent technology solutions to meet tomorrow’s business challenges of our clients. This means never compromising on quality and reliability that underpins our clients’ trust. We continue to improve our business to be Australia’s most trusted IT brand, through:

  • Dedicated account teams focusing on deeply understanding our clients’ business and strategic goals;
  • Engagement leads accountable for delivering Intelligent, Pragmatic and Unbreakable solutions;
  • Repeatable solutions enabling us to apply proven expertise to new challenges with unrivalled agility.

What will not change is our core DNA and our long-term focus. We will always strive, in every aspect of our work, to create lasting value for our clients and our staff.

Whether you’re thinking of using our services, joining our innovative team or partnering with us, I encourage you to make contact.

John Rowland
Managing Director

Our Story | Our DNA

Geoff Illing
Technical Director & Founder
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“Why Unico!” That question can be interpreted in lots of ways. The usual interpretation might be “Why should you buy from Unico” or “Why should you come and work for Unico”. But I am actually contemplating the questions “Why should Unico exist” and “Why, in 1984, did I decide that starting Unico was a good idea”.

The answer, I am afraid, is quite selfish. I have always enjoyed the challenge of delivering really good systems: something that works really well for the customer, and something that I could be really proud of because nobody else had managed to do it quite so well.

While delivering one system that met these characteristics, I met Mike Palmer. Mike was passionate in his belief that many projects failed because while clever people could individually do clever things, often nothing would ever come of them because the elements would never get integrated to produce a timely, working product.

When Mike suggested we get together to found Unico, I agreed. We were not sure which mountains we would climb, but we intended to combine our talents and our passions to create a company that would deliver really good systems for our clients. And that is just what we have done, in numerous projects across many industries, since 1984.

What has changed over the years? One enormous change has been the arrival of John Rowland, first as CEO and then as co-owner. John reinvigorated Unico with his vision of growth and diversification. For me he also brought a realisation that we need to allow the next generation to carry the flame.

Throughout our history, we have expanded our services to enable us to provide more complete solutions to our customers’ problems, we have evolved the methods we use to deliver, and we have selected different technologies depending on the needs of each job. But throughout these changes, the principles upon which I started Unico have remained constant.

So that brings us back to the question “Why should you work for Unico” or “Why should you buy from Unico”. In both cases, my answer is that if our principles excite you, if you get a buzz from developing or using information technologies that make a real difference, and are designed to keep up with the rapidly changing world, then Unico is your technology partner or employer of choice.

And, if you enjoy working with people who are driven by passion and integrity to do a fantastic job every time, I will certainly enjoy working with you.

Geoff Illing
Technical Director & Founder