Giving back to the community

We believe that giving back to the community and environment is everyone’s responsibility.

A commitment to giving back, helping others in need, protecting our environment and being active in the community is an important part of Unico’s culture and something that we take seriously.

That’s why we work with partners in Australia and developing countries on locally based development projects in the areas of sustainable environment, income generation, self-reliance, education and training. We believe these key focus areas are vital in creating more sustainable communities, environments and a healthier world.

Projects we support are driven by our passionate staff under four broad areas:



Conservation Fund

The Unico Conservation Foundation has a long and proud history of supporting projects that protect the marine environment.

This commitment was inspired by a family trip on an Earthwatch Expedition in 2002 for Geoff and Denise Illing. They were impressed with the work that they saw and it transformed their way of thinking in regards to marine conservation. It inspired them to think about greater actions and other ways in which they could contribute to building a more oceans.

  • Saving Philippines Reefs
  • Alan White Library
  • Coral Sea Monitoring
  • Melbourne Down Under

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