Monty Mobile announces partnership with Unico providing a complete eSIM consumer ecosystem

Monty Mobile announces partnership with Unico providing a complete eSIM consumer ecosystem

Monty Mobile has signed a reseller agreement with Unico to sell and implement the uPair Entitlement Server into the Middle East and African markets. Monty Mobile will be supported by Unico in deploying uPair, an end-to-end world-class Entitlement Server for Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) which aims to drive down costs and address an underserved market in the region.

uPair enables fast end-user activation of primary and secondary eSIM services without the need for on-premises deployment. It allows users to connect multiple SIM and eSIM enabled devices to one number and service – including Google, Samsung, and Apple products. uPair leverages RESTful and TMF interfaces along with a range of additional functions providing support for the comprehensive lifecycle management of connected mobile and wearable devices.

Monty Mobile and Unico will support MNOs with device manufacturer certifications and training to ensure world-class customer service. This alliance will drive the creation of advanced solutions in the smart connectivity space and establish a complete world-class eSIM solution within ME & Africa.

About Monty

Monty Mobile positions itself as a leader in SMS/VAS and eSIM technologies, facilitating the international flow of Voice and SMS across global markets, by working closely with worldwide enterprises aggregators and mobile operators.

With more than 20 years of experience, Monty Mobile has become a key regional player in the telecommunication business, delivering the promise of the best possible digital innovative technologies; eSIM solutions being the core of the collaboration with Unico.

Monty Mobile is recognised for its in-house development, customised state-of-the-art products, and services. And in its quest to constantly evolve, it has partnered with Unico, providing a complete eSIM solution, including it on wearables.

About Unico

Unico was founded by Geoff Illing and Mike Palmer in 1984 to solve some of the most complex business and technology problems across Australia & Asia Pacific.

Now boasting a team of nearly 160 members across Australia, Unico is proud to offer its customers full onshore service and support. Its team of highly skilled professionals understand the technology landscape and the business challenges faced by Australian organisations.

Working with some of Australia’s largest organisations within Telco, eCommerce, racing, consumer business, utilities and defence, Unico is highly regarded within the tech industry for the reliable delivery of career-spanning work, including an unbreakable solution for Australia’s largest Telco.

The team of software engineers, developers, technology specialists and consultants are passionate about helping Unico’s customers deliver their business strategy through seamless and smart technology solutions, striving to deliver a high level of service and customer experience.

For interviews or additional information, please contact:

Monty Mobile – Farouk Tabbal | +61 +96170602065 |

Unico – Jessica Magree | +61 432 559 212 |


CGI to acquire Unico, an established Australian technology services company

CGI to acquire Unico, an established Australian technology services company

Please visit the below link to find out more:

CGI to acquire Unico, an established Australian technology services company | CGI Australia


Introducing weConnect – a new employee benefits vision

Introducing weConnect – a new employee benefits vision

We are excited to launch our new employee benefits vision weConnect. weConnect is driven by a deep understanding of the need for work/life balance, social connection and purposeful collaboration.

weConnect Back-to-Base (B2B) will come into full effect in January 2022, when everyone is back in the office on designated days. weConnect will support social connection and purpose driven collaboration through team meetings, project updates, client workshops, team celebrations and career conversations.

weConnect B2B lunches will be provided in January & February and the team will celebrate each month at the Company Stand-up and famous Friday night food and drinks.

“I am proud to be sharing this news with our team. Our people are our top priority, and providing them with real work/life balance opportunities and the chance to reconnect with colleagues face to face will result in a happy and productive workforce.”

Victoria Horner, Head of People & Culture.

Unico’s other employee benefits have also had a huge transformation. We knew that the pandemic was going to impact the future of work, so we asked our team what they wanted, what they valued and how they envisioned the future. Goodbye to the 5-day slog at the office –  hello, to more balance, wellness, and connection.

“Our upgraded benefits reflect how we are working and collaborating. I’m delighted to give our team more choice and the freedom to decide what benefits suit them.”

John Rowland, Managing Director

New perks

The complimentary public transport benefit has taken a sidestep as we provide our team with annual employee benefits of choice focused on health, wellness, and travel. The benefit is eligible for qualified expenses such as fitness classes, team sports, sports equipment, private health and travel card contributions.

Our team will also receive a home office allowance enabling them to create a safe and ergonomic environment.

Parental Leave

Team members now have the flexibility to choose between paid parental leave or employer sponsored childcare, and secondary carers will now receive paid leave and extended leave options.

Check out all of our new and improved employee benefits, including paid partner certifications, salary sacrifice, salary continuance, and social responsibility.

Victoria Horner

Victoria Horner

Head of People & Culture

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Unico welcomes Roland Thomas as CEO of uSpark & JourneyHub

Unico welcomes Roland Thomas as CEO of uSpark & JourneyHub

20 October 2021

We are excited to announce the appointment of Roland Thomas to the position of CEO uSpark and JourneyHub.

Commenting on the appointment, John Rowland, Managing Director said “Roland has been a member of the uSpark board since its inception, and I am excited for him to transition into the role of CEO of both uSpark and JourneyHub. He has a wealth of experience within both the technology industry and start up space and will be an invaluable asset to Unico, uSpark and JourneyHub. I look forward to watching the businesses develop and grow under his leadership”.

Roland Thomas said “I am excited to continue the fantastic work of the uSpark team and I am dedicated to the strategy and execution required to turn ideas into businesses with uSpark’s novel partnering model. uSpark realises both internal insights and innovation as well as a growing cohort of external founders with a unique blend of the technical horsepower of Unico, a collegiate innovation culture and an understanding of how tech companies work”.

Roland is also excited to take JourneyHub to the next level with careful attention to strategy, execution, and financing whilst enabling customers to fluidly move through CBD locations and high-density areas.

Roland Thomas, CEO uSpark & JourneyHub

Roland Thomas

Roland joins Unico with over 35 years of leadership experience supporting software businesses and start-ups to navigate the strategic, operational, and financial challenges they face as they grow. He has experience in IP rich sectors including Product Lifecycle Management, Statistics, Safety and Reliability, Manufacturing Analytics, and Fintech. Roland has led both public and private businesses in the USA and Australia as well as holding several corporate and not for profit board positions.

The company’s story began in Melbourne as a successful private bootstrapped company before he led a buy-out bringing venture investment, first in Australia and then in the USA. This enabled the company to develop and move its corporate infrastructure to the USA before its NASDAQ IPO. Moldflow was ultimately sold to Autodesk [NASDAQ:ADSK] in 2008. Roland joined the young 5 person company in 1982 as the first developer beyond the founder, and concluded being Chairman, President and CEO of Moldflow Corp [NASDAQ:MFLO] from 2002 until 2008 when it was sold to Autodesk [NASDAQ: ADSK]. At that stage Moldflow was a Boston based engineering software company with over 300 people in operations throughout the globe. Its customers were the world’s largest electronics, automotive, medical and chemical companies.

John Rowland

Managing Director


Life saving medical equipment for children

Life saving medical equipment for children

The Unico Community Fund works with community partners in Australia and developing countries on locally based development projects in the areas of sustainable environment, income generation, self-reliance, education and training. We believe these key focus areas are vital in creating sustainable communities, environments and a healthier world.

At the start of this year, our team nominated not for profits and charities to support. This month our team made a $5,540 donation to the Humpty Dumpty Foundation for the purchase of life saving equipment for sick and injured children, in paediatric wards, neonatal units, maternity and emergency departments in hospitals across Australia.

The Humpty Dumpty Foundation is a not for profit organisation with a mission to raise funds to provide hospitals with essential life-saving medical equipment for children.

Unico is proud to help the Humpty Dumpty Foundation purchase:

  • A Alaris GP Large Volume Pump for Nganampa Health Council Clinic. Alaris GP Large Volume Pump is used to administer intravenous fluid and drugs including antibiotics to children who suffer from diarrhea, gastroenteritis, or respiratory infections. It is especially important in remote Northern Territory clinics, as a medical evacuation can often take up to 24 hours. Replacements are needed at the 6 main clinics to ensure they remain reliable in medical emergencies.
  • A Neopuff Resuscitation device for the Nepean Hospital Special Care Nursery, NSW. This equipment provides life saving resuscitation and ongoing ventilation assistance to infants using up-to-date, user-friendly technology. It will be used daily and can be moved to the bedside of each baby or young child at risk.

We look forward to hearing how this equipment helps the Nganampa Health Council Clinic and the Nepean Hospital Special Care Nursery.

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Unico welcomes Thomas Crawford as CFO

Unico welcomes Thomas Crawford as CFO

7 June 2021

John Rowland, Managing Director Unico is pleased to announce the appointment of Thomas (Tom) Crawford as Chief Financial Officer of the company. This follows the announcement that David Goode will be stepping into a strategic advisor role assessing investments for Unico and uSpark.

Tom will join Unico on Monday, 7 June 2021, and will be supported by David in the transition and handover.

Commenting on the appointment, John Rowland, Managing Director said “I am excited to have Tom on board and look forward to continuing our diversification strategy and achieving our strategic growth ambitions. He joins us from Adecco Group where he worked in the UK and Australia, and his experience includes professional services technology, and recruitment. I would also like to thank David Goode for his tremendous effort over the last couple of years and look forward to continuing to work with him on Unico and uSpark investments.”

Tom Crawford, CFO

Tom Crawford said “I am thrilled to be joining Unico. I have long held a passion for optimising business performance through technology, and I look forward to working with John, the Executive, and the wider Unico business on achieving the company’s strategic growth objectives.”

Tom Crawford

Before joining Unico, Tom Crawford was the CFO of the Adecco Group’s New Zealand operations, driving a return to profitability for the country and successfully diversifying the business into high-growth industries.

Tom held several senior leadership roles with Adecco and was talent-tracked through Adecco’s international future leaders’ program, gaining exposure to a wide range of industries and markets.

Tom helped to set up the finance function and provide strategic direction to a fledgling technology company of the Adecco Group and worked for several years as a finance business partner for the professional technology services brands of the Adecco Group.

Tom started his career in finance on a graduate program with Reed, the largest privately owned recruitment business in the UK. From there, he successfully secured international assignments to help transform finance operations in South Korea and Australia for the Reed Global Group.

Professionally, his key passions are in empowering and developing high-performing teams, optimizing finance and business processes through technology, and positioning finance as a business partner to help drive profitable sustainable growth.

Outside of work, Tom is passionate about travel, learning new languages and cultures, and enjoys cooking and spending time with his family.

Tom is a member of the chartered management accountants (CIMA) and holds a master’s degree in linguistics from the University of York in the UK.

John Rowland

Managing Director

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Defence Strategic Advisor – Harry Moffitt

Retired SAS Team Commander, Harry Moffitt, leading defence charge

31 May 2021

Harry Moffitt is a strategic defence advisor to Unico in the Defence and Government sector. He brings to the table over 30 years of experience in defence and holds top security clearance.

Harry is supporting Unico with our diversification strategy and continues to build out our experience in the Defence and Government sectors. Unico offers an extensive range of services for Defence, government and public sector including satellite provisioning, digital transformation, information and communications technology, system integration and bespoke technology solutions.

Recently retired, Harry is a former SAS Team Commander turned organisational psychologist. He has extensive military and government experience at operational and administrative levels and an exceptional track record in strategic and tactical decision making and leadership.

Harry is engaging, transformative, and highly principled with an excellent ability to build strong strategic relationships. He has extensive experience working at the board and senior executive level across industry and habitually engages at Ministerial levels of the federal government. He has a unique and deep understanding of cultural and organisational transformation and is passionate about sovereign capability development.

Harry’s outstanding strategic and political acumen, combined with his background as a strategic advisor for various defence transformation projects, perfectly matches Unico’s ambition to expand capability offering in defence and government.

Harry Moffitt

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Land Forces 2021

Unico is excited to be attending Land Forces 2021

1-3 June 2021

Unico is excited to be heading to Brisbane next week to attend Land Forces 2021. Our Public Sector specialist Brent Wijnberd will be flying solo, if you see him make sure to say hi. Fun facts: Brent is a massive fan of country music, plays guitar, and loves Bruce Springsteen.

As an Australian founded and 100% resourced technology company, we pride ourselves on serving the Australian community and its people. Our people are NV1 and NV2 cleared, and are based in Canberra, Melbourne, and Sydney, and are experienced with Microsoft Azure.

Unico offers an extensive range of services for Defence, government and public sector including satellite provisioning, digital transformation, information and communications technology, system integration and bespoke technology solutions.

We look forward to connecting.

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All-Star Mile voting shows horse racing continues to strengthen female audience

All-Star Mile voting shows horse racing continues to strengthen female audience

Highly secure website and All-Star Mile voting platform with a validation rate of 96.4%

Unico is proud to have supported Racing Victoria deliver their vision for the All-Star Mile for three consecutive years. The All-Star Mile is the world’s richest mile and the only race where the Australian public choose who races on the day.

Racing Victoria and Unico collaborated to create a highly secure website and All-Star Mile voting platform that is auto-scaling, auto-healing with cloud-first design, and the ability to handle high levels of user traffic. Unico is proud to announce for the third year that a Big 4 Advisory firm’s Cyber Security team were unable to penetrate the platform and a validation rate of 96.4% was achieved through SMS verification codes and Salesforce marketing cloud campaigns.  

The All-Star Mile was designed to attract a new and more diverse audience, which was achieved for the second year in a row with over 32% female voters. This could not have been delivered without the teamwork and collaboration between Racing Victoria and Unico – our team more than halved the number of unverified votes from last year worked on tight deadlines and had to adapt to meet regulatory constraints” Racing Victoria GM Customer Strategy & Engagement Marcia Allan.

This year’s All-Star Mile continued to engage fans with 10 wildcard Owner Ambassadors who shared a prize pool of $500,000, with Matt Fory from Shepparton taking home the top $250,000 prize alongside winner Mugatoo.

If you would like to find out more about Unico’s All Star Mile secure website and voting platform, please contact Evan Harridge.

Evan Harridge

Director Innovation

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Melbourne Business School Wandering Warriors Scholarship

wandering warriors veterans scholarship program
veterans scholarship program

Omni Executive & Unico are proud to support the Melbourne Business School ‘Wandering Warriors Scholarship’

7 April 2020

Omni Executive & Unico are proud to support Wandering Warriors through the Melbourne Business School ‘Wandering Warriors Scholarship’. The Wandering Warriors Scholarship for veterans program will provide veterans with the opportunity to study, grow, and develop through Australia’s leading MBA program, equipping them will the skills, experience, and network to successfully transition out of defence and further their future career. 

Omni Executive and Unico, have joined forces to deliver end to end high availability mission-critical solutions to the Australian public sector. Both look forward to working with Wandering Warriors and the Melbourne Business School to grow the veterans scholarship program and continue to support our deserving veteran community.

On Thursday, 22 April, Unico and Omni Executive will be hosting a launch event, if you are interested in attending please register your interest below:

Event details:

Date: Thursday, 22 April

Time: 5.30pm -7.30pm

Location: Situation Room, National Press Club of Australia, 16 National Circuit, Barton ACT 2600

RSVP: Please click here to confirm your attendance by Friday, 16 April. We look forward to seeing you at the launch

John Rowland, Managing Director

John Rowland

Managing Director