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Intrax, the world leading digital vet sampling platform for horse, greyhound, and harness racing regulators

Intrax is a world leading digital vet-sampling platform that has revolutionised vet sampling. It reduces human error by digitising the process and automating the sample data integration.

Intrax, the world leading digital vet sampling platform for horse, greyhound, and harness racing regulators

Intrax by uSpark is a world-leading digital vet sampling platform that has revolutionised vet sampling. It reduces human error by digitising paper process and automating the sample data integration.


  • Digital mobile based vet sampling platform
  • Developed to meet the needs of the racing industry
  • Mobile enabled ID scanning & mobile number authentication
  • Automation and digitisation of manual, paper-based process
  • Automated data integration including connection of vet sampling to a national database.

One of a racing regulator’s key responsibilities is to safeguard the integrity and compliance of race meets across their jurisdiction through vet sampling. Through our extensive project work with a leading Victorian racing regulator, Harness Racing Victoria and RISE, we identified a need to create a seamless, secure and digital process to reduce risk and redefine the integrity of vet sampling.   

Introducing Intrax, an end-to-end integrity platform that lets you track, record, and authenticate urine samples via an easy to use mobile app.

Sampling has historically been a time consuming, paper heavy and manual process, leading to a higher rate of user error as well as a range of security vulnerabilities.

The veterinary sampling process is crucial to protect Australian race meet integrity.

With a range of stakeholders performing detailed tasks, there are significant opportunities for human error in a manual paper-based sampling system. This includes minimal authentication checkpoints and multiple single points of failure, that raise the risk of the samples being compromised or non-compliant.

The veterinary sampling process is critical to protect the future of the racing industry. The Intrax mobile platform provides a secure, effective and efficient process that reduces compliance risks and exposure to human error by loading the sample data onto a chosen shared database.

Intrax transforms the vet sampling process by:

  • Automation of manual paperwork by replacing sample identity documents and the chain of custody so all information is recorded electronically without timely data entry.
  • Automated data integration by collecting information and automatically feeding it into the regulators national database
  • Full traceability and historical record keeping of past sample tests to guarantee sampling authenticity and legitimacy
  • Mandatory, mobile enabled ID scanning and digital signature authentication to improve security, verify stakeholders and reduce the margin for human error
  • A mobile app for Apple and Android with custom UX design for better accessibility and ease of use
  • Digitisation of workflows, evidentiary trials, and auditing functions to improve user experience.

Vet sampling technology in action at leading Victorian regulator.

The digital transformation, data integration, and app rollout fundamentally changed how the leading Victorian regulator conducts an essential compliance process at race meets. Their digital Intrax journey:

1. The horse arrives at the vet and is identified by staff responsible for sample collection

2. Trainer nominates authorised representative for sample collection (usually the strapper)

3. Sealed sample kit is opened under trainer representative supervision

4. A sample is collected, packaged, and sealed into bottles

5. Each sample is given a unique code that is recorded via the phone app

6. The witness is asked to confirm that the app data matches the physical sample present

7. Witness identifies themselves with industry pass and completes a digitally signed declaration. This also applies to the staff member responsible for sample processing

8. The trainer receives a copy of the sample identity document via email

9. The sample is securely stored and delivered to an accredited lab for analysis

Unico has extensive experience using technology to enhance animal welfare outcomes as well as support traceability, regulation and member engagement.

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Evan Harridge

Director of Innovation