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Maximising ROI on marketing automation campaigns through data cleansing: Racing Victoria

How Unico helped a racing regulator regain trust in their customer data by building a custom data extension.

Maximising ROI on automated marketing campaigns through data cleansing: Racing Victoria

How we helped Racing Victoria regain trust in their customer data by building a custom data cleansing extension to extract and cleanse duplicated Salesforce Marketing Cloud contacts.


  • Salesforce Marketing Cloud (SFMC) campaigns and data cleansing services
  • Identification and removal of duplicate SFMC contacts 
  • Ensure all MRC’s contacts and leads are listed with 100% accuracy 
  • Reduction of salesforce contract renewal fees    


  • Removed 400,000 corrupted / duplicate contacts from database of over 1,000,000 
  • Saved RV $100,000 in costs over a 2-year contract renewal period  

A major part to conducting an effective automated messaging campaign is whether you can trust your data. Campaign results can vary drastically return in investment (ROI) based on how accurate the Salesforce database of contacts is. Racing Victoria (RV) had a database of over 1,000,000 contacts which contained a significant number of duplicates and corrupted data. In a 2-week engagement Unico cleansed their database of any duplicate contacts or outdated contacts that were no longer being targeted by email or SMS content. 

The data was extracted to a data extension where comparative testing was conducted to verify that contacts were classified as duplicates before deletion. Ensuring that a contact database is rid of all non-validated contacts means messaging automation platforms like SFMC charge users based on the true size of their contact list. 

“Contact database authentication was a major focus for Racing Victoria as our number of contacts continued to grow. Unico was able to enable us to have complete trust in our data within just two weeks and provided immediate ROI through this engagement”

– Marcia Allan, GM Customer Strategy & Engagement, Racing Victoria.

Following the data cleansing of Racing Victoria’s contact database, over 400,000 entries were removed resulting in over $100,000 of saved contract renewal costs. This was four times the cost of the Unico engagement, resulting in significant ROI for RV and clear value add.


Evan Harridge

Director of Innovation