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Building a Multi-Club database and shared scheduling platform: Racing Victoria

Engineering a custom marketing cloud business unit database and shared scheduling platform that enabled Racing Victoria to conduct collaborative events and marketing campaigns.

multi-club database for Racing Victoria though Salesforce Marketing Cloud business units

Building a Multi-Club database and shared scheduling platform: Racing Victoria

How Unico engineered a custom marketing cloud business unit database and shared scheduling platform that enabled Racing Victoria to conduct collaborative events and marketing campaigns.


  • Data engineering and platform development 
  • Salesforce Marketing Cloud (SFMC) integration and consulting
  • Data cleaning, reorganisation and subscriber management
  • LIVE shared calendar scheduling

The Victorian racing industry is made up of sixty nine metropolitan and country tracks and five clubs, hosting over 500 race meetings a year. They are regulated by Racing Victoria. 

Each operates independently, hosts race meetings, manage members and run independent marketing and advertising campaigns with siloed customer data sets.

Consequently, clubs would promote events and race meetings to owners and customers over the same period resulting in scheduling clashes. 

Race meeting overlap leads to three distinct challenges for clubs:

1. Attendees are split between race meetings resulting in lost revenue. 

2. Wasted media spend due to prospects receiving marketing communications for multiple racing meetings scheduled on the same weekend. 

3. The best horses are split across race meetings resulting in lower quality horse talent. 

Racing Victoria recognised that a lack of visibility across race schedules and customer databases was a significant barrier to effective collaboration between clubs. They needed a way to unify their customer data and event scheduling without violating data privacy. 

Racing Victoria’s annual All-Star Mile, an interclub fan voted race meeting, presented the perfect opportunity for Racing Victoria and Unico to develop a multi-club database and live shared scheduling module. 

shared calendar scheduling
Club members were being invited to race events scheduled over the same time period.

The solution is powered by Salesforce Marketing Cloud business units and comprises of: 

  • Shared customer database comprising of five linked salesforce marketing cloud business units, one for each club and regulator.  
  • Local and shared data extensions allowing for layered access to shared customer data sets for marketing campaigns – information includes name, email, postcode, and category (owner, trainer, member etc.). 
  • Hierarchical data structure with a single master control over local data sharing permissions. 
  • Subscription management – enabling club members to opt-in and out of specific marketing email communications depending on preferences. 
  • A custom preference centre allowing users to choose which clubs they want to receive email communications from, as well as opt-in to specific campaigns of interest such as dining events or race meetings.  
  • A custom unsubscribe function that ensures unsubscribed contacts are removed from all lists. 
  • A live multi-club shared calendar accessible to all salesforce marketing cloud business units. 
  • Construction and automation of customer journeys for the annual race meeting calendar for Victoria. 

Racing Victoria’s new multi-club database improved club coordination by enabling collaborative events and marketing campaigns. 

The platform has helped Victorian horse racing clubs and tracks work better together, advancing the interest of Australian racing and creating a partnership mindset across the state.  

This solution has a highly accurate database, adheres to high standards of customer privacy and security, and boosted Racing Victoria’s revenue potential through parallel marketing streams. 

Unico have extensive experience using technology to enhance animal welfare outcomes as well as support traceability, regulation and member engagement.

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Evan Harridge

Director of Innovation