Case studies

Bridging the gap between racing and post racing

Process digitisation allowing welfare programs, processes and information to be delivered to the post racing community.

Achieving improved animal welfare outcomes through process digitisation and whole of life horse tracking

Unico is working with a key racing regulatory authority to help them leverage new technology to improve integrity processes and transform the welfare outcomes of racehorses.


  • Leading Racing Regulatory Authority


  • Integrity & welfare project


  • Paper heavy processes with low efficiency, vulnerabilities, and increased risk of error
  • Low traceability of retired horses and horses in post racing careers
  • Need to build community engagement and demand for retired racehorses
  • New welfare programs need to be digitally enabled to be effective.


  • Digitalise process and eliminate vulnerable paper-based process.
  • Build a tracking platform and industry portal to allow information to be delivered to the post racing community.
  • Deliver efficient and scalable processes focused on welfare outcomes via the portal
  • Ensure horse data capture, visibility, transparency and reporting outcomes
  • Build community engagement, awareness, education, support and connection.


In and out of race day integrity involving progressive digital automation of Stewards and Vets processes:

  • Preparation of race day form and Stewards reports
  • Animal check in
  • Selection of candidates for blood and urine sampling
  • Registration, weigh in, scratching’s, and associated compliance processes
  • Race review, Corrective action, and discipline
  • Animal ID, Sampling processes, witness, and chain of custody.

Whole of life monitoring and tracking via platform including the following programs:

  • Retrain selection and engagement
  • Funded retraining for animals that fail to get a post racing placement
  • Market Place and new owner registration
  • Post racing competition sponsorship intended to increase the value and desirability of retired animals
  • Retirement or rehoming process
  • Foster care matching
  • Funded euthanasia.

Community engagement portal:

  • Education, awareness
  • Services industry pages
  • Public visibility and transparency though ability to search animals and view status and history
  • Industry statistics.


  • Welfare programs that efficiently executes process flows with minimal intervention and manual steps
  • B2B engagement with third party players who have a role in ensuring welfare outcomes
  • C2B engagement across a broad ecosystem of users
  • Development of an OTT community through a central go to portal
  • Horse records that ensure visibility of and reinforcement of post racing careers
  • Engagement with a wide range of users with a simple, easy to use user experience encouraging participation and repeat visitation
  • Incentivisation for support and involvement in ongoing horse welfare outcomes
  • A portal to build community awareness and provide channels for delivery of educational content
  • Support for data driven decision making on success of the various programs
  • A flexible and modular foundation capability to enable addition of new functionality and programs in future
  • Integration with existing regulatory and third-party systems to maintain appropriate databases of record and supports the broader ecosystem.


Evan Harridge

Director of Innovation and Enterprise