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Position Title: Technical Team Lead, Development
Reports To: Head of Development, Solution Delivery
Direct Reports: 8 – 10 Developers (Senior Developers, Developers, Associate Developers
Indirect Reports: Nil

Role Overview
This role is responsible for leading a Technical Development team comprising 8 – 10 Developers. The role manages and mentors Developers (people), undertakes Software Design and Development activities, assists the Head of Development in defining and improving the Development SDLC (process), and contributes to the Solution Delivery Development strategies for projects to ensure efficient software delivery (strategy).

Main Activities:

  • People (20%)
    • Administration of Direct Reports (eg. Leave, Timesheet Approvals)
    • Recruiting, selecting, and orienting team members
    • Coaching, training and KPI setting for team members
    • Assigning accountabilities and projects to team members
    • Succession Planning within Team
    • Building a culture of delivery orientation and continuous improvement
    • Ensuring a customer-centric approach fostering a positive customer experience
  • Stakeholders (10%)
    • Builds rapport up, down and across the organisation
    • Establishes collaborative relationships to achieve objectives
    • Seeks win-win solutions to conflict
    • Develops network of professional contacts
    • Displays empathy and tolerates diverse viewpoints
    • Builds relationships with internal & external Customers
  • Process (40%)
    • Fosters continuous improvement focus in others
      • Inspecting and adapting processes to improve efficiency in delivering software releases
    • Sets clear SDLC requirements / expectations
      • Setting Development policies, standards, guidelines and tooling
      • Ensuring robust estimates are provided for development activities
    • Measures SDLC key outcomes
      • Capturing, tracking and reporting consistent development metrics across projects and products
    • Solicits and applies internal & external customer feedback
    • Initiates / Drives Improvements to SDLC that result in benefits to Unico / Customers (eg. improved quality, improved efficiency):-
      • Champions best practices in Development processes;
    • Ensures all Development work undertaken by Developers on Project is in accordance with SDLC
      • Undertaking reviews to ensure process compliance and escalate deviations
  • Design and Development (20%)
    • Design and Document Conceptual Solution;
    • Design and Document via SRS and / or IASS / IACS
    • Design Technical POC or equivalent
    • Selection of appropriate Technology / Design Patterns / Frameworks
    • Assists Solution Architect for complex Designs
    • Development Activities conforms to Unico SDLC:-
      • Development & Unit Testing is of good standard / quality;
      • Uses appropriate Patterns & Standards, Code is secure, efficient & maintainable;
      • Adheres to SCM Branching Patterns, Code Merging is good;
      • Adheres to all other SDLC Processes as appropriate;
  • Strategy (10%)
    • Support the business in building a reputation of delivering quality software solutions;
    • Ensuring solutions are consistently developed to be of high quality and simply solve complex problems;
    • Contribute to Development Strategy, articulating performance objectives and approaches for all projects;
    • Assist with building technology strategies and innovation strategies



  • Essential
    • Minimum of 10 years experience as a Developer in a technology environment
    • Solid understanding of software design patterns and architectures
    • Minimum of 2 years experience with Leading a Team of 4 – 8 Developers in a technology environment
  • Desirable
    • Experience working within Telecommunications industry, preferably tier 1 carrier on Operations Support Systems (OSS)


  • Essential
    • Excellent knowledge of Development SDLC for High Availability OLTP Applications
    • Demonstrated experience in continuous improvement of Development SDLC
    • Experienced J2EE/Java Developer in a Unix Environment (Solaris / RHEL)
    • Good communication and interpersonal skills
    • Demonstrated Leadership, Teamwork and Peer Collaboration
  • Desirable
    • Experience in the design and implementation of SOA and RESTful APIs
    • Experience working with RDBMS (MySQL Server / MySQL Enterprise)
    • Experience working with Application Servers (JBoss / Apache)
    • Experience working with SCM tools (GIT / Stash)
    • Experience working with Build Tools (Gradle / Jenkins)
    • Experienced working with Development Tools (Jira, Sonar)
    • Experience with agile and lean methodologies (SCRUM, SAFe)
    • Strong knowledge of industry best practices in Software Development in agile environments
    • Inspired, ambitious and high performing teams to continuously learn and grow


  • Essential:
    • Bachelor degree in an IT discipline

Internal Contacts
Delivery Teams, Support Teams, Management

External Contacts
Suppliers, Carriers, Contactors, Consultants, Customers, Sub-contractors

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