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Position Title:  Principal consultant – Cloud Technologies
Reports To: Director of Professional Services
Direct Reports: Nil
Indirect Reports: Nil


Role Overview

The principal consultant is responsible for

  • Designing and developing high quality business solutions and other projects
  • Broad knowledge of cloud and cloud technologies
  • Building and maintaining a broad industry knowledge and skillset around IT system development in general and emerging technologies such as Big Data, Blockchain, IoT and NFVi.
  • Working with customer to understand their business objectives, processes, solutions and needs
  • Evaluating customers’ business needs, thus contributing to strategic planning of information systems facilities and software directions
  • Developing close working relationships with customers to become the customer’s ‘trusted advisor’
  • Being accountable for defined work assignments often involving immediate action or short term planning of human and other resources
  • Preparing and delivering Consulting projects that identify and propose solutions for customer business problems:
    • Elicit and define Customer Business Requirements
    • Planning and coordinating resources
    • Identify as-is process, solutions and systemic issues and areas for improvement
    • Identify to-be process and solutions
    • Define implementation projects for new solutions that utilise the core capabilities of Unico and partners
    • Present final reports
  • Establish and lead customer implementation projects
  • Managing a team of consultants (largely dependent on the size and scope of client project).


Main Activities

Consulting (15%)

  • Provide consulting services to clients in order to resolve their business problems.
  • Develop, shape and present innovative proposals to senior executives in both private and public sector, to address our clients’ business issues and capture both account growth and new business opportunities.

Delivery (60%)

  • Design and deliver solutions on behalf of Unico and its customers.

Strategy (10%)

  • Aligning emerging technology focus areas to business and technology architectures through managed evolution plans
  • Oversee architecture relevance from experiments based on use cases that help drive future reference architectures and emerging technologies.

People (5%)

  • Directing, motivating and mentoring team members and those working in delivery capacities with customers.
  • Clarifies roles and responsibilities and works with HR to document position descriptions for all direct reports.
  • Coach, motivate and empower team to work towards team KPI’s and company objectives.
  • Arrange cross training of roles within team, to ensure operational coverage in times of leave & knowledge gaps remain low.
  • Assess and review team processes and progress regularly, ensuring best practise & streamlined processes applies.
  • Completes Performance Planning process in timely manner.
  • Motivates and recognises the contribution of direct reports.
  • Manages annual leave balances.
  • Demonstrates Work Health Safety leadership and compliance.

Innovation (5%)

  • Driving innovation through collaboration and exploration with staff and customers.
  • Feeding the innovation funnel through monitoring technology and industry trends, attending technology and industry conferences, understanding customers, conducting exploratory workshops, producing prototypes and whitepapers, establishing links with experts.

Work Health & Safety (WHS)

  • Follow WHS procedures and workplace instructions.
  • Identify and report hazards and incidents.
  • Follow reasonable instructions.
  • Act responsibly for the safety of self and others.
  • Participate in WHS improvement activities.



Team work

Work effectively with team or those outside formal line of authority (e.g. peers, senior managers) to accomplish organisational goals.

  • Build effective relationships.
  • Contribute to team/organisational success:
    • Exchange information freely.
    • Volunteer ideas and help.
    • Build on others’ ideas.
    • Support group decisions – Put group goals ahead of individual/own goals.
  • Shows basic awareness of how he/she is received and perceived by others
  • Demonstrates understanding of how different people interact, or are likely to interact, has the ability to read situations quickly and build rapport


  • Excellent strategic thinking, analytical and problem-solving skills
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • The ability to build strong customer relationship skills
  • Proven stakeholder management skills
  • Proven delivery track record
  • The ability to work on customer site for extended periods of time
  • Specialist knowledge of many industries or segments, coupled with strong analytical skills.
  • Recognised as leading expert in specialty area.
  • Can adapt and apply existing techniques and methodologies to new uses.

This role requires a blend of technical, commercial and consulting skills.


Technical Skills


  • Knowledge of Software development practices.
  • Knowledge of cloud and cloud technologies.
  • Experience of migrating applications to the cloud.
  • Experience in delivering complex solutions to customers.

Previous Experience


  • Previous experience in consulting and delivering solutions.
  • 10 – 15 years of experience in business management, IT, systems integration consulting, design. 5+ years experience in consulting, engagement/project management, and/or business and resource management. May hold an MBA.


  • Vendor side experience (“championing” technology).
  • Telecommunications experience




  • Eng (Telco/Electronics/Computer) or Bachelors in IT or Bachelors in Comp. Science

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