Infrastructure & Utilities

Utilities & Infrastructure IT Solutions

Utilities & infrastructure IT solutions that provide end-to-end technology enablement.

integrated technology services

High reliability infrastructure platforms

Unico has extensive experience building robust, high availability infrastructure IT solutions that your criticial infrastructure projects can rely upon. Using a collaborative approach we help define your use cases to meet stakeholder objectives, while allowing your business to innovate and remain compliant with regulatory and domestic controls.

100% Australian onshore

Our team is located fully onshore and has extensive experience are familiar in solving IT infrastructure problems and technology challenges within the Australian market. By understanding the particular business pain points of our customers, we have gained significant insight into the utilities sector and built various mission critical technology solutions enabling our customers to meet their obligations to their customers.


Multi-vendor integrations

At Unico we have significant experience in designing and delivering multi-vendor integrations into the most complex IT environments. Our team has vast experience bringing together tools and best-of-breed solutions to deliver working solutions in both current platform and legacy environments empowering customers to meet their unique business needs.

Operational efficiency and performance

Our team can help you achieve higher levels of sustainability and better service your community by equipping you with the right data to make better business decisions fast and provide you with the tools to track, manage and optimise your assets. Through resource management optimisation you and your team will have information at the tips of your fingers enabling you to meet business and customer strategic objectives.


 IoT solutions

Unico takes an independent view of the smart technologies offered across the IoT environment and the best solution to transform the operation of your business processes. We generate use cases optimising how manual tasks can be monitored, managed or performed more efficiently and safely. Our team works with you through a series of ideation sessions to develop both the use case and business case supporting the implementation of your IoT solution.

We can help you

  • Enhance your customer experience
  • Resource management optimisation
  • Asset management
  • Asset tracking to ensure machine optimisation
  • Data integration
  • OT security and safety
  • IoT technology solutions
  • Utilities digital transformation

Case studies


Ramnik Singh

Business Development Manager (Enterprise)