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telco software solutions

Supporting Australian business 

With over 35 years of experience with telco software solutions, Unico have a team of inspired Australian based software engineers and technology specialists that are ready to lead the industry into a digitally transformed world.

Deliver working solutions

Cross company orchestration

We believe in empowering our customers to select and use best-of-breed solutions without constraint. At Unico we have significant experience in designing and delivering multi-vendor integrations into Tier 1 telcos, delivering working solutions. Our team are recognised within industry for doing whatever it takes to ensure our customers get exactly what they need.

At Unico we bridge the gap between IT and telco – we simplify the complex and create elegant and insightful solutions for our customers. Our team work to industry standards and are closely aligned with the TM Forum to ensure we are working with the newest and best telco grade solutions for intercompany delivery.

Network efficiency

Having a network that is efficient at every minute of every day is now mandatory due to unprecedented new levels of network traffic. Historically spikes in traffic have occurred during different times of the day over various separate network segments. However network usage has now flattened and spread to new non-traditional areas outside CBDs including outlying suburban and rural locations.

Now more than ever your network needs to adapt in real time to meet customer expectations and needs. Our team can help you scale fast, adapt to the increasing demands and reach full potential.


Digital transformation

In this period of accelerated digitisation, it has never been more important for your business to be ‘digital’ ready. Many large telco’s are struggling under the weight of implemented transformation strategies that use outmoded architectures and costly lift and shift strategies. Unico embrace and invest in new telco digital transformation strategies that enable you to undertake intelligent transformation and increase speed to market in order to encourage business continuity.

Network resiliency

Closed Loop Autonomous Operations (NoOps) is key to delivering real-time resiliency customised for every customer. The power of automation allows you to to identify network faults and repair in seconds, largely without human intervention. Our team can help you enjoy the same operational benefits as Facebook, Google and Netflix, without heavy investment or custom orchestration.


Network protection

The business network has escaped the box of corporate premises now, and with that comes increased risk to the business as your employees access sensitive data over public networks. Virtual private network (VPN) solutions have been around for years, but don’t scale. Your customers need a more intelligent telco software solution for the protection of their digital assets – we are well positioned to help you provide this protection at a fraction of the cost without compromising capability.

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