Public Sector

Public Sector Innovation

Public sector innovation that creates reliable technology outcomes for complex, regulated environments.

public sector innovation

Public sector innovation

Unico has a strong heritage of solving complex problems for its customers in large, highly regulated and mission critical environments. We help organisations embrace public sector digital transformation and innovation so they are ready for times of change.

Real-time, high availability technology solutions

We’ve been harnessing technology to deliver smart, practical and reliable business outcomes for nearly 30 years. Our in-depth high-end software engineering and integration expertise allow us to develop, deliver and support systems your entire organisation can consistently rely upon.


Unbreakable, mission-critical systems

Unico understands the system engineering concepts and architectures needed to build public sector IT solutions that can be consistently relied upon. Our highly structured approach to building technology involves end to end trace-ability from design, implementation, validification and then to verification.

Smart, tailored technology for challenging business problems

Our team of system architects and developers build practical systems leveraging expertise in digital, data, machine learning and trusted transactions in order to craft tailored user experiences that help solve your most complex business problems.


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