Financial Services

Financial Services Innovation

Financial services innovation with a single source of truth for all your organisational data.

Financial services innovation

Scalable, secure fintech innovation

Our team of software engineers, technology specialists and consultants empower fintech digital transformation through fintech innovation. We help our customers respond to changes in compliance, culture and market demands so that they can derive competitive advantage through the use technology.

Governance and data practice

The future of financial services and wealth management in Australia is uncertain with increasingly complex reporting, governance and regulatory requirements threatening the sector. Our regulatory compliance services mitigate these risks with a focus on recovery issues and strategies, preventative measures, compliance and technology acquisition.


Data and analytics enrichment

We help consolidate, analyse and gain insights from your data to help optimise your business functions and make informed decisions. We understand the unique problems the industry faces and provide analytical solutions that address your specific needs such as data anonymisation and pseueudonymisation, AI and ML, morphological analysis and process orchestration.

Platform and data transitions

We build practical systems leveraging expertise in digital, data, machine learning and trusted transactions in order to craft tailored user experiences that help solve your most complex business problems.

Unico will drive your business’ transition, transformation, cleansing and reconciliation of its data platforms. We make the most complex data platform and data transitions manageable, reliable and transparent through financial services innovation.


Business transformation

Our team of experts quickly assess the current state of your organisation and drive rapid stabilisation and improvement of your business. We’ll help evaluate your options and pick the optimal path forward to remove obstacles and accelerate outcomes regarding process mapping and improvements, mergers and acquisitions strategy as well as platform and data transitions.


We will team with you to develop effective strategies that are essential for ensuring new technology solutions and processes, and ensure they are adopted successfully. We specialise in fintech digital transformation, fintech integration, infrastructure assessments as well as technology acquisition and migration.


We can help you

  • Virtualise your data creating a single view of your business and customers
  • Data management and practice
  • Governance and security of your business
  • Innovate business operations through data

Our capabilities

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